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MS Mini Slammer
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    MS Mini Slammer

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    • Price $57.15
    • New Improved Super Tough, Fish Scented Tail
    • Available in 11 colors
    • 4 1/4" body plus tail for a total of 9 1/2" long with a 1/0 hook
    • Weight 1.25 oz. so it will work with most med - heavy bass fishing rods
    • Use for Casting
    • Excellent Choice For: Bass, Big Bass, Pike, & Muskie!

    The Mini Slammer is a really neat small top water bait that swims just like a mouse in the water. Like the other slammers it has a wood body and is very easy to fish. The body length is 4 1/4". plus the tail (9 1/2" total) and has a single 1/0 treble hook and weighs only 1.25 ounces.

    The Mini Slammer can be cast on a standard to heavy bass rod and is great for kids and beginners who want to get into big bait fishing without the tiring effects of casting and retrieving larger lures.

    The tail on the Mini Slammer is Super Tough and Fish Scented and can easily be replaced with just about any 6" plastic worm. There is a small nail that holds the tail in place so if your tail gets damaged, simply pull out the old tail, push out the nail, then insert the new tail and push the nail back through.

    First hand crafted in 1993, the Original MS Slammer has truly stood the test of time.  All MS Slammer baits are designed to catch any species of game fish that wants to eat a large fish.  From stripers, lake trout, and musky to largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, or even bluefin tuna, the MS Slammer will entice your larger than average specimens consistently! 

    At MS Slammer we believe in the value of hand crafting.  Each lure is hand made and personally inspected by Mike Shaw at each step in the lure making process.  Mike's 20 years of lure making experience mean that from the minute you pull your first MS Slammer out of the package to five years down the road when you are still catching fish on it, you're lure will perform like it should.  Many of our customers have lures with over 100 fish on them and they are still getting new teeth marks on them. 

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    This is a fantastic lure! It catches tons of fish and is very easy to use. I rigged up the frog color for my 7 year old son and he caught 4 fish, one was over 4 1/2 lbs - all of this was in under an hour of fishing time.