Care and Tuning for MS Slammer Products

Tuning Instructions:

The MS Slammer plug is a hand made lure and sometimes the lure needs a little tuning. I often get asked how to tune the MS Slammer.

Its very simple all you need is a pair of pliers. You want your lure to run straight in the water, if the lure runs to the right take the pliers and bend do not twist the tow bar eye to the left just a little until the lure runs nice and straight. If the lure runs to the left bend the tow bar to the right, until it runs straight, and your ready to go. Always check the lure after each catch.

Tuning The Slammer

To Tune Carefully Bend Eye Left or Right Never Rotate

Important Instructions for the Care of your Slammer:

Part of what makes the MS Slammer so great, is that it is made out of wood. It's important though with the MS Slammer, and all wood lures, to make sure they are completely dry before storing them.

You might notice condensation in your tackle box if you put a wet lure in there. This is bad for the paint and bad for the wood. At the end of the day, hang your plugs indoors to let them dry overnight.

Some people like to store their plugs in a bucket with notches cut around the side for the hooks. This is a great way to keep them aired out after fishing, and a great way to carry around a whole bunch of plugs.

Good Luck,
Mike Shaw