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Muskellunge (Muskie or Musky)
Esox masquinongy

Muskie Fishing Lures: Bucktails, spinnerbaits, jigs and swimbaits are some of the most common artificial baits. One strategy for fishing with bucktail fishing lures is called the Figure Eight. Making a figure eight with the Bucktail at the end of your retrieve can get a hesitant Muskie to strike. The natural home for the muskie is in the northern lakes and rivers. It is a solitary fish and lurks in weed beds or other protective cover. Anglers usually have the best luck fishing during sunrise and sunset.

Habitat: Muskellunge, North American freshwater fish found in the Great Lakes region and in the Northeast. The muskellunge is much esteemed as a game fish. It attains a length of 6 feet and a weight of up to up to 70 lb. The body is brown, spotted or bared with black. Unlike the northern pike, the muskellunge has scales only on the upper half of the cheek. It is strictly carnivorous, feeding primarily on other fish. It also feeds on ducklings, young muskrats, and other muskellunge.

Biology: The muskellunge belongs to the family Esocidae of the order Salmoniformes. It is classified as Esox masquinongy.

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