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Testimonials for Walleye and Panfish Willospoons

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Testimonials for Walleye Willospoons

Walleye Willospoons™    Panfish Willospoons™

Products affected: Walleye Willospoons and Panfish Willospoons

Quotes from Jimmy the Jeweler

141 walleyes on one willospoon
Battered Willospoon catches
141 Walleyes
"The Walleye Willospoon Guy"
Jimmy the Jewele
Ludington, MI
June 14, 2005

I just returned from a 6 day walleye fishing trip in Northern Ontario. I have sent you my battered willospoon, it caught 141 walleyes. This spoon tipped with a large leach worked so well it was the only lure I used. I retied my line everyday, on the third day the eye fell off and on the forth day I broke the hook. The Picture is of me and an 8 pound 29 inch walleye. I bought every walleye willospoon in my area and mailed them all back to the fish camp in Canada now they are very happy.

Professional Walleye angler Keith Eshbaugh and his partner Jeff Behr won the Kinzua Allegheny Walleye Association tournament at the Allegheny Reservoir & The Team won Team of the year on the Kinzua Allegheny Walleye Association tournament trail.

Quotes from Keith

Keith Eshbaugh & Jeff Behr - Pro Anglers
Keith Eshbaugh & Jeff Behr - Pro Anglers
West Alexander, PA.

With a real slow-bite and changing weather Jeff Behr and I were patient. We trolled the same 1/2 mile break-line and stayed in 8'-15' of water to catch a limit of walleye weighing 7.04lbs.

Our winning catch came on Bait Rigs 3oz. bottom bouncers pulling a #3 ½ Walleye Willospoons in Orange & Chartreuse tipped with a piece of crawler on a 2' leader. The other winning combo was Bait Rigs Pro-Erie Astrobrite Spinner harnesses and crawlers in colors of Sunfish & Yellow Perch on a 3' leader.

Thanks Joe (Puccio), we couldn't have won this tourney without Bait Rigs products!!!

This makes two first place finishes for Keith and Jeff in two tournaments. The team finished in the top 10 of each tournament with two wins to capture the Team of the year. The next stop will be Oneida Lake in NY for the KAWA championship.

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Quotes from Bill Reabe

Bill Reabe - Pro Angler
Bill Reabe - Pro Angler
Eau Claire, WI.

WALLEYE WILLOSPOON (ICE FISHING): Walleye Willospoons have become one of my favorite baits to experiment with and the success has been outstanding. When using them ice fishing in deep water I use about an 8 inch pencil sinker and tie the Willospoon about 6 or 7 inches below it. This rig will get you down quick and the bait won't tangle on the sinker. Dress Walleye Willospoons with a minnow tail or live minnow reverse rigged for Walleyes. Give the Willospoons a try, you'll be surprised at the success you'll have.

PANFISH WILLOSPOON: Jig or bobber rig a Panfish Willospoon tipped with grubs or spikes rigged shish kabob style on the hook. This is a deadly approach for perch and Bluegill in open water or ice fishing. Crappies love Panfish Willospoons too, tip the willo with a reverse rigged minnow and jig them slowly or use the willo with a slip-bobber rig.

WALLEYE WILLOSPOON (OPEN WATER) I use Willospoons in the open water seasons for finesse fishing walleyes or perch. They work great casting in shallow water, but you may need a split shot to get down in water over 3 feet deep. I also use them behind a bottom bouncer in some applications and my newest method is using 2 or 3 tied in line ahead of a crankbait when trolling. You have to remove the hook and put a swivel at both ends but the added flash while trolling can be just what it takes to catch finicky walleye. Still another way to use the Walleye Willospoon is when slip bobbering. Tie the Willospoon below the slip bobber and bait it with a tail hooked minnow or a leech. The added flash of the Willospoon will increase your catch surprisingly especially in rough water. If there is no wind use your rod tip to twitch the bobber and add action to the Willospoon.

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