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Testimonials for Willobeast XXX Bucktail

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Testimonials for Willobeast XXX Bucktail

Willobeast XXX Bucktail    WilloBeast Action Tail Bucktail

Products affected: Willobeast XXX Bucktail, Willobeast Action Tail Bucktail and #11 Willobeast Blade.

Quote from Lee Tauchen

Lee Tauchen 50 Plus inch Musky
Lee Tauchen 50 Plus inch Musky caught on Black WilloBeast Action Tail Bucktail
Jason 50
Black Esox Cobra WilloBeast
XXX Bucktail

Black Willobeast Grub Bucktail
Lee Tauchen Cottage Grove, WI.

The WilloBeast XXX has been out producing other Bucktails for me.  I believe the big willow blades on the WilloBeast are the key to triggering more strikes. These blades have more flash and produce a different vibration then the Mag 10’s that the majority of anglers are throwing today.  WilloBeasts also fish faster and cover more water than Mag 10’s.  Proof of the pudding is that WilloBeasts have produced (4) fish over 50” as well as numerous fish over 45” for me and my clients in a two week period.  That kind of performance is what I'm looking for as a Professional muskie Guide.

Quote from Tim Endler

52.5" long, 27" Girth, 49+ Lbs Musky caught on the French River with the Willobeast XXX In-Line Spinnerbait Tim Endler 52.5 inch long, 27 Girth, 49+ Lbs Musky
Tim Endler -- Atlasburg, PA.Walleye WilloBeast XXX
Gold Silver Esox Cobra WilloBeast XXX Bucktail

I have probably 500 musky fishing lures and the Willobeast XXX Bucktail is now almost always on my line. I can fish it all day and not be worn out, unlike the large Colorado bladed lures.  The heavy wire makes it very durable the beads never get stuck.  My favorite color is the Gold Silver pattern.   The Gold and Nickel blade combination makes it perfect for both sunny and overcast days. I just returned from a 5 day trip on the French River in Ontario Canada . Around 7 am (8-22-09) with cool cloudy conditions, I caught the 52.5 inch, 27 inch girth, 49 plus pound Musky.  I was on a large weed flat in about 12 feet of water and about 3 cranks into my retrieve, she hit the XXX. I brought her to the boat and on the fourth try we finally netted my biggest Musky ever. We measured and weighed her and had a successful live release. I also caught 3 other Musky's and had 3 follows on the same lure. The Willobeast XXX is now my go to Musky Lure.

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