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Testimonials for Esox Cobra Viper Spinnerbait and Tandem Willow Spinnerbait

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Product Testimonials with photos for the Esox Cobra Viper Spinnerbait & Tandem Willow Spinnerbait. If you have a Bait Rigs product testimonial that you would like displayed here, please to go to our Contact Page we will review it for posting. If we post your story we will give you a $10 product credit.

Esox Cobra Viper Spinnerbait - Esox Cobra Tandem Willow Spinnerbait

Products affected: Esox Cobra Viper Spinnerbait, Esox Cobra Tandem Willow Spinnerbait.


Quote from Steve Herbeck

Steve Herbeck

As many of you know, big blades are catching big Muskies. The Cobra Viper gives me big blade performance with the bonus of a weedless design that also contours well walking on bottom and over structure. These 2 major features of the Viper Spinnerbait are missing from all the in-line spinners out there.

The Viper can be fished shallow, slow rolled deep and everywhere in between and has enough streamline features to go over bottom structures or through the cabbage and coon tail effortlessly. The Cobra Viper was my go-to bait last year during field trials on Eagle Lake and proved to be an excellent throw behind bait when I was guiding clients. The versatile Viper really shines at the boat, and is excellent for finishing follows with a variety of horizontal and vertical techniques. This large profile, high vibration bait, produces multiple frequencies with its blades, skirt and action tail and will be an excellent choice for dark water situations and the night-bite. I also like that the bait pulls much easier then the in-line style double spinners running the same #10 blades.

As designer and field tester of the Esox Cobra Viper, I've never been more excited about using and recommending a Muskie bait. If I could recommend only one new bait to the avid Muskie hunter, it would be the Cobra Viper. Try one, you won't be disappointed.

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