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Testimonials for Slo-Poke Jig & Slo-Poke WeedMaster Jigs

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Product Testimonials with photos for the Slo-Poke Jigs. If you have a Bait Rigs product testimonial that you would like displayed here, please to go to our Contact Page we will review it for posting. If we post your story we will give you a $10 product credit.

Testimonials for Slo-Poke Jig & Slo-Poke WeedMaster Jigs

Slo-Poke 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 oz. Jigs    Slo-Poke WeedMaster 1/16 & 1/8 oz. Jigs

Quote from Daryl Christensen

Daryl Christensen
Daryl Christensen - Pro Walleye Angler

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For casting weeds, swimming or long line dragging a jig, I switch to a slow fall Slo-Poke Jig. The Slo-Poke Jig is the original slow fall jig and it is still the best one on the market today. I have been using this tournament-winning jig since 1988 and it is an awesome jig. Like the Slo-Poke, it stands up while on the bottom, with the hook upwards, but the Slo-Poke is a weight-centered, narrower design, so it stays horizontal on the fall and retrieve and does not plunge head first into snags like a ball jig. This well-balanced jig is the ultimate head for fishing structure. The Slo-Poke's swimmer head design slips through weeds, wood and over rocks. It also comes with a good, strong hook for maximum hook-ups on fish.

My favorite colors are as follows: I use Chartreuse or Chartreuse/Green, Chartreuse/Orange most often. The Hot Green is my favorite Slo-Poke color in clear water. Hot orange or 14kt Gold are my favorite colors in stained, tanic acid or dirty water.

Daryl has won me over $150,000 on the Professional Walleye Trail, including the Walleye Super Pro.

Quote from Rob Manthei

Walleye in the wood Caught on 1/8 oz Slo-Poke Weedmaster
Rob Manthei
Guide and Pro Walleye Angler

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When it comes to fishing for Walleyes in the wood, I prefer the Slo- Poke WeedMaster over any other jig out there. Both the design and quality of the jig is superior. The eye of the jig is in-line and the weight distribution is centered on the hook, this allows for easy maneuvering over logs, limbs and through weeds. The fiber weed guard doesn't spook fish like other weed guards can, when they inhale the bait. The WeedMaster stays horizontal on the retrieve and doesn't plunge head first like other jigs. This prevents snags and puts the jig in the right orientation for positive hook sets. The super strong Mustad hook penetrates quickly and easily into fish's mouth.

WeedMasters can be cast right into the heaviest of snags and worked through and over most any obstruction. Spring is a great time to hit the wooded shorelines and early weed growth. Without WeedMasters, I wouldn't boat half of the Walleyes I normally would using other jigs.

Quote from Peter Houdek

Peter HoudekPeter Peter Houdek
Peter Houdek

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I love your website and your products, especially the Slo-poke Jig in Firetiger. I use it all the time and have convinced my fishing buddies that it's a great jig. I'm sending some photos of walleyes that I recently caught using it. Thanks!

Quote from Mike Beilke

5 Walleyes Caught on 1/8 oz Slo-Poke and Leach11 Lbs 2 oz Walleye Caught on a 1/16 oz Slo-Poke and leach
Mike Beilke

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My Family has been using the Slo-Poke Jig for years fishing Devils Lake in North Dakota. I have sent these pictures to show just some of our success with the Slo-Poke Jig. This year we started using the New Blue Moon color, it is been unbelievably successful for us.

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