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Testimonials for Serious Walleye Rigs with AstroBrite Spinner Blades

Product Testimonials with photos for the AstroBrite Spinner Blades. If you have a Bait Rigs product testimonial that you would like displayed here, please to go to our Contact Page we will review it for posting. If we post your story we will give you a $10 product credit.

Rigged AstroBrite Blades's Win $90,000 RCL Tournament

Todd Riley

Bait Rigs® Tackle Co. of Madison, WI is proud to announce that Pro Staff team member Todd Riley, using Serious Walleye Rigs with AstroBriteTM Blades, is the winner of the prestigious Saginaw Bay RCL Walleye Tournament.

Todd Riley WinsDateline June, 2002 Saginaw Michigan, Bait Rigs Pro Todd Riley of Amery, Wisconsin notches his first professional tournament victory winning over $90,000 in cash and prizes. "I have taken just about every place, but first in professional Walleye tournaments," said Riley. "This is just great. You work so hard to get here, and finally, when everything goes as planned, it is truly a great experience."

"I didn't do anything fancy to catch Walleyes all week," said Riley. "I just came from a tournament in Wisconsin and still had my Bait Rigs Spinners tied on when I started pre-fishing. I stuck with the same spinners throughout the tournament." "We could catch Walleyes when we were fishing in an area that was receiving pressure, but the best move was to head away from the pack" said Riley. "The bigger Walleyes seemed to shut down when you had too many people pressuring them. We worked contours from 20 to 28 feet using Bait Rigs #5 Colorado Serious WalleyeTM Rigs in AstroBriteTM colors.

Serious Walleye Rig 2-Hk with #5 AstroBrite Blades

"The big fish were suspended and were really keying on the Sunfish colored blades. These were my GO TO blades and I always had at least two of them in the water for the entire tournament." Riley's impressive one day weight of 38 lbs. 1oz. for (5) fish help him solidify the victory. Among his largest Walleyes, Todd had several 30" fish and one monster that weighed in at over 11 lbs.  AstroBriteTM Blades are among the industry's most comprehensive live bait spinner blades. These unique color finishes produce shimmering tones and subtle hues that simulate many of North America's most preferred bait fish.

Todd Riley's favorite Bait Rigs Products

AstroBrite Blades Produce Several Big Alberta Walleyes

Gary Patzer 10 Lbs Walleye
Gary Patzer Walleye
Gary Patzer Late Fall Walleye

Gary Patzer caught these and many more beautiful walleyes at Lake Newell Reservoir in Alberta Canada using #5 Watermelon Silver AstorBrite Blades. The fish on the far left was 9 LBS 15 ounces. All fish were released alive and healthy. Gary ties his own rigs with 5mm red pearl beads and a Bait Rigs #5 AstorBrite Blade. Gary's quote; “The Bait Rigs #5 AstroBrite Blade is my favorite blade and produces more fish than any other blades I use. The fish seem to like the flash of the Watermelon colors.”

Gary Patzer
Medicine Hat, Alberta

AstroBrite's Produce Monster Manitoba Walleye

Chuck and Cy BernardyWhile fishing in Manitoba in late June and early July of 2003, Chuck Bernardy (left) and his father Cy Bernardy (right) caught a significant number of walleyes. These two fish highlighted a great week of fishing. Chuck's fish is a 32 inch walleye and Cy's fish is a 29.5 inch walleye. Cy caught his fish using a Bait Rigs Tackle Company Big Water Rig with a #5 Cisco AstroBrite Blade baited with a night crawler trolled behind a Bottom Bouncer.

Chuck Bernardy
Minneapolis, MN
Cy Bernardy
Worthington, MN

AstroBrites take Big Walleyes on Eastern Reservoirs

Keith EsbaughI can't say enough about the Serious Walleye Rigs and Astrobrite Blades. AstroBrite blades unique blend of metalic and painted finishes, representing bait fish, are an irresistably deadly combination on Walleyes. The flash of color and metalic together will catch walleye anytime of year. Many of my clients now own Astrobrite blades after fishing with me on our Eastern Reservoirs. Being the only full time walleye professional and guide in Pennsylvania, good equipment is a must! Thats why I use Bait Rigs products.

Keith Esbaugh - Pro Angler and Guide
West Alexander, PA

Bait Rigs Tackle Company

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