Summer Dancer 6" Swimbait Floating
    Close Summer Dancer 6" Swimbait Floating

    Product Descriptions

    • 1 1/2 oz. 4 Segment Jointed Floating Swimbait
    • 6" long
    • #2 Super sharp VMC treble hooks
    • Realistic Colors & Action

    The Summer Dancer features: Floating Swimbait. Super sharp VMC treble hooks. Life-like look and action. Great during spring and summer time when fish are active and want a fast moving presentation. Also great for fall time when water is in transition to cold water and fish are stocking up for the winter. Bait will dive just under the surface.

    How to use: Use on 12-15 lb. monofilament or fluorocarbon line on 6’-6" or 7’, Med-Med/Heavy rod. Cast and wait 2-3 seconds and then retrieve it with a tight pop-pop-pop, pause retrieve. Use it like a top water popper with a pop-pop, pause or pop-pop-pop, pause retrieve. The action you will see is a tight side-to-side action. If you want a wider side-to-side action, then give it a big pop, pause, then big pop again. The pause is important because fish will strike most of the time on the pause.

    Where to use: Cast in middle of branches that are sticking out of water or close to shore as you can or near shallow rocky areas or out in the middle of a deep channel that has cover. Find rocky shores with depth in the 5 foot range that drops down deep to 10-20 feet. Find stick-ups (trees/bushes) in the water and cast in between open branches. Find rocky or stick-up points where it gradually drops in depth.

    Trolling: Use on downriggers, lead core line or 3-way rig. Use lighter line than main line on weight in case weight gets snagged. Use 4’-5’ leader from 3-way swivel to lure.

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