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Intimidator Lizard
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    New! - Super Salty with Garlic Scent!

    • Price - $4.29 per 8 count pac
        $44.99 per 100 count bag

      Based on the huge success of the Bass Intimidator in 1998, and popular demand, ISG is introducing the Intimidator Lizard for 1999. This lizard is like no other lizard on the market. This lizard’s 5 1/2 inch body has the same characteristic large 3/4 in. rings that has made his worm cousin, The Intimidator, so effective on Bass. In addition he has an over sized head that adds to its’ buoyancy and allows for easy insertion of a rattle. His over sized curly tail provides added action on the fall and when slowing pulled through the water. The Intimidator Lizard’s soft, yet durable body, is salt and garlic impregnated, causing the fish to hold on to it longer. It can be fished Texas-rigged or Carolina-rigged. For best hooking results use a 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0 wide-gap hook.

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