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Willys Bass Intimidator Skirted Grub (Bi-Color)
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    Willys Bass Intimidator Skirted Grub (Bi-Color) is a like nothing else in the world! Because of ISG's unique mold, we are able to do things with coloring of grubs no other manufacturer can do. Approximately half the tentacles (8) and the back of the grub will be the first color listed. The other 8 tentacles and the belly will be the second color listed. No more dyeing the grubs to get the second color!!!

    The new Bi-Colored Intimidator Skirted Grub has the patented skirt, salt and garlic---same as our solid color grubs. Packaged: 10 per color, per bag, in a re-usable zip-lock bag, with a 4-color header.

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