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Bambino Finesse Chunk
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    Product Descriptions

    Super Salty with Garlic Scent!

    • Price - $1.79 per pack of 6
    • Size 1.563" long x .625" wide
    • Perfectly Balanced for the Bambino Jig
    • Super Soft and Very Durable
    • Color Matched to Bambino Jig Skirts

    This plastic chunk is designed to work with the small finesse jigs, such as the Bambino Finesse Bass Jig. For proper presentation of these small jigs, from 1/16th ounce to 1/4 ounce, it is critical the trailer compliments the jig and not overpower it. Until now, there wasn't such a trailer. As with all ISG's Intimidator soft plastics, the Bambino Finesse Chunk contains salt that is added through a revolutionary saline solution process that makes it many times saltier than the salt granules. In addition, there is no salty mess and the salt will not disappear, like with salt granules. The Bambino Finesse Chunk is available in 10 unique colors that complement the skirt colors of the Bambino Jig.

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