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Bill's Scented Lures

All of Bill's Scented Lures are hand crafted with loving care and made from the finest of materials. Bill's Scented Lures currently manufacture pre-rigged, scented worms in 4", 6" & 8" sizes with either a weedless or regular hook harnesses. This hand crafting produces the highest quality pre-rigged scented worms available and provides many hours of fishing enjoyment for both the novice and professional fishermen alike.

These crafted scented lures have a proven track record, having won many tournaments, both professional and at the amateur level. Of course, every lure company makes this statement and although true for us, the proof is still in how the lure produces for you.

Bill's Scented Lures produce optimal results whether you are 7 or 70, a novice or a pro, a once a year or an everyday fisherman. Please try them out to see the fish you've been missed. Bill's is absolutely confident that your fishing enjoyment will improve as long as you fish these quality scented lures slow, slow, slow............One cannot retrieve Bills scented worms too slowly. The last key to success with Bill's worms is, a very high quality # 10 swivel, a poor swivel reduces the built in action.

We realize more than ever the importance of customer service and satisfaction. Please feel free to Email us with any concerns, problems or questions you may have regarding our products.

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Is your one stop shop for hard to find, high quality Fishing Lures. eBait is always looking for productive products to turn your fishing experience into a catching good time.

eBait was formed to market fishing lures and similar products from different independent lure and fishing equipment manufacturers. Each manufacturer of a product has a separate webpage and store located in the eBait shopping mall to display, market, and sell their lures. If you have any questions or comments for eBait you can Email us.

Throughout the various geographic regions of the country there are many unique fishing lures available. Most of these lures are only available in limited markets where they dominate in local bait shop sales and fish-catching productivity. The lures are marketed primarily by word-of-mouth. eBait provides the opportunity for everyone to hear about, see and purchase these lures, no matter where they are made or where you fish.

eBait is your one-stop shop for hard-to-find, high quality fishing lures and accessories. eBait is always looking for superior products that will turn a fishing experience into a catching good time. eBait will be adding more manufacturers to this site regularly, so be sure to check back often.

If you are a fishing-related manufacturer and would like to be on this site, please contact us for more information.

The Lure of Fishing

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember and catching fish is still a blast. It is as thrilling now as it was for me as a little boy on the dock reeling in that first bluegill.
I continue to find the thrill of fishing in many places. I experience it canoeing down a river with a small mouth bass fighting my line like it is 5 pounds bigger than it really is, or on an oceangoing charter boat when the captain yells at me for snagging a crab pot-only to have that "crab pot" turn into a 35-pound salmon flying through the air!
Every adventure is magically magnified when it is shared with family and friends. That's fishing--exciting, fun and much, much more!

Mark Heverly
Founder eBait