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Original MS Slammer
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    Original MS Slammer

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    • Available in 3 sizes and 18 colors
    • Small - 7" long, 1.9oz with 2 each 1/0 hooks $78.59
    • Medium - 9" long, 3oz with 3/0 front hook & 2/0 rear $107.15
    • Large - 12" long (Actual size is about 10.5”) 4.5oz with 2 each 4/0 hook $114.29
    • Use for Casting or Trolling
    • Excellent Choice For: Big Bass, Lake Trout, Pike, Muskie & Stripers!
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    Large, Medium and Small MS Slammers
    All 3 MS Slammer Sizes

    First hand crafted in 1993, the Original MS Slammer has truly stood the test of time.  The MS Slammer is designed to catch any species of game fish that wants to eat a large fish.  From stripers, lake trout, and musky to largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, or even bluefin tuna, the MS Slammer will entice your larger than average specimens consistently! 

    At MS Slammer we believe in the value of hand crafting.  Each lure is hand made and personally inspected by Mike Shaw at each step in the lure making process.  Mike's 20 years of lure making experience mean that from the minute you pull your first MS Slammer out of the package to five years down the road when you are still catching fish on it, you're lure will perform like it should.  Many of our customers have lures with over 100 fish on them and they are still getting new teeth marks on them. 

    The original MS Slammer can be waked slowly across the surface, cranked down to 2-3 feet, or trolled on any combination of long line, leadcore, wire, or downrigger.  We recommend using a minimum of 20lb line for the small plug and 25lb test for the medium and large sizes.  The MS Slammer comes with a snap to ensure consistent kicking action and sports high quality VMC hooks to put big fish in the boat for you. 

    The MS Slammer is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large.  We rate the lures like this because each plug is hand crafted and may vary slightly in size and weight.  As a general guideline, the small is 7" long and weighs 1.75oz, the medium is 9" long and weighs 3oz. and the large is 12" Long and weighs 4.5oz. 

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    The MS Slammer catches virtually every gamefish alive. Strikes on this bait can often be startling, be sure to allow blow-up's some extra time before setting the hooks. In the USA, this bait is responsible for more personal best largemouth bass than any other single bait.
    When I first saw this lure I thought it was expensive, but my buddy told me if I want a big bass I needed it. So I purchased it and on my 4th cast I caught a 9 lbs Black Bass. 2 pound larger than anything I had caught before.