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Scorpion Bass Jig
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    The Scorpion Jig Price & Sizes

    • 1/4 oz. with 2/0 hooks for $3.69
    • 3/8 oz. with 3/0 hook for $3.79
    • 1/2 oz. with 3/0 hook for $3.89
    • 3/4 oz. with 4/0 hook for $4.09
    • 1 oz. with 4/0 hook for $4.19
    • 1 1/2 oz. with 4/0 hook for $4.29

    The Scorpion Jig Features

    • Weedless Stand up Jig Design
    • Extra load Rattle
    • Extra Wide Gap Mustad® Ultra-Point® Hook
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    The Scorpion Jig the only true innovative bass jig to come along since the first bass jig ever made. Unlike other bass jigs, that lay on their side in the water, the Scorpion lands, due to its design and balance with it hook in the up-right position. This allows the trailer to float in a crawfish lifelike defensive posture. The upright position also insures a higher hook up percentage than any other bass jig. The head design of the Scorpion makes it the most snag less jig on the market. Whenever the nose of the jig meets resistance, it begins to rotate 90 degrees allowing the hook point to glide effortlessly through the obstruction.

    In addition, the Scorpion Jig comes equipped with the loudest rattle available. The rattle is located on the Scorpion in such a place that it makes noise whenever the jig is moved, plus it does not interfere with the jigs hooking power. Each Scorpion has an extra wide-gap, Ultra Point hook. The Scorpion Jigs are available in 7 sizes, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ounce with 9 Natural and Scale Skirt Colors Series.

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    The best jig ever on Lake Fork My third order Rick Sleeper
    This looks like the newest fishing extravaganza. With the way it stands up more fish should pick this up and hang on longer.
    Reviewer: Jason LA 05/09/2006
    I have been using Scorpion Jigs since 2000. They are by far the best all purpose (flippin', Punchin' & swimmin') jig on the market and have consistently put fish as well as money in the boat for me!