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Intimidator Flippin Mudd Puppy
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    • $4.29 for 10 count pack
    • $26.24 per 100 count bag
    • Garlic Scented
    • 3.5 inch in length, 4.5 inch long with tall pulled straight

    The Mudd Puppy is an original design of Jeff Snyder. This lure has accounted for thousands of dollars in tournament winnings for Jeff. The Mudd Puppy is the perfect lure to catch those heavily pressured, finicky bass. The Mudd Puppy compact profile, and crescent rings, displaces more water than lures twice its' size. It falls slowly through the strike zone, making it perfect flipping and pitching lure. Fished Carolina-rigged, the over-sized tail sways seductively back and fourth, begging to be bit. As with all members of the Intimidator family, it is supper salty and Garlic scented. Great on Smallmouth and Spots too!!

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