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Original HERBIE Kit
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    Original HERBIE Kit

    Price: $12.99

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    Steve Herbeck's Original Herbie Rig

    Complete Herbie Kit for Medium to Large Suckers $12.99
    Herbie Rig Only for Medium to Large Suckers $7.99
    Complete Herbie Kit for Small Suckers and Chubs $12.99
    Herbie Rig Only for Small Suckers and Chubs $7.99

    This is the live sucker rig that has been getting all of the attention from the serious live-bait Musky fishermen. The "Herbie" Rig has been written about in Musky Hunter, In-fisherman and Fishing Facts. This rig gives a captured Musky its? greatest chance of survival when released. Plus, it has a hook-up percentage of over 95%.

    The "Herbie" Rig is now available in a kit, complete with everything the live-bait Musky hunter needs to fish the rig successfully, including pictured rigging instructions.

    The kit includes:

    1. Assembled Herbie Rig
    2. Baiting Needle
    3. Rubber Bands
    4. 2 - Rubber Core weights 1/2 oz & 1 oz.
    5. 3 - Tail Gunners
    6. Complete Pictured Rigging Instructions

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