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Super Salty Will-O-Stik
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    Super Salty Will-O-Stik

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    Super Salty 35% Salt Content!

    • Pricing: 4 1/2 inch (8-count bags) $4.29 or 5 1/2 (7-count bags) - $4.39
    • 100-counts bags - $49.99 for 4 1/2 & $56.99 for 5 1/2

    ISG has developed a soft, stick-bait that surpasses the fish catching ability of other similar baits, PLUS has MORE salt, MORE durability and is reasonably priced. ISG has been working on further enhancing all the positive characteristics of the fish-catching stick-bait design.

    The Will-O-Stik is the result of extensive research and development. Once finalized in design, the Will-O-Stik was sent to a private laboratory to be tested against other stick-baits on the market. The Will-O-Stik was found, through extensive testing, to be 30% more durable and had the highest salt content of 35%. Next the Will-O-Stik was subject to on-the-water field testing. Three lakes in southern Mississippi were selected for the field testing. A total of 16 hours were spent on the water, between these three lakes. At the end of the 16 hours, 118 Bass were boated, the largest being 7 lbs.

    The Will-O-Stik is available in a 4 1/2 in. and a 5 1/2 in. model. Both sizes are available in 12 proven fish-catching colors. They are deadly fished "wacky-style", Texas-rigged, either weight-less or with a bullet weight and Carolina-rigged.

    If you want to put more Bass in the boat, give the Super Salty Will-O-Stik a try. You will soon become a believer.

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