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Slo-Poke Crappie Jig 1/32 oz
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    Product Descriptions

    Catching Tons of Jumbo Perch in ND.
    on the Slo-Poke
    Crappie Jig.

    FEATURES: Excellent slow fall, swimming head design. The award winning Slo-Poke Jigs fall horizontally, not head first like a ball head jig. This important characteristic dramatically slows the decent, improves hooksets and reduces snag-ups. Slo-Pokes are ideal for cast and retrieve presentations, jig-a-bobber and long-lining over the bottom when back trolling or drifting. Pick a Poke for Walleye, Crappie & Panfish. All Slo-Pokes can be rigged with live bait or Power Bait and feature Mustad® Performance hooks.
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    • Crappie, Panfish & Trout
      • The original Slo-Poke Crappie Jig series (1/32 oz)
    • Walleye, Pike & Catfish
      • The original Slo-Poke Jig series (1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 oz)

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