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Viper 2 Mag 5 Bucktail Kit
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    Product Descriptions

    Viper 2, Mag 5 Bucktail Kit
    Price: $46.15 a $51.81 value

    • Muskie/Pike Bucktail
    • Small 6" Profile
    • Excellent Spring, Cold Front & Throw Back Bait
    • Skinny in Weeds
    • Anti-Fouling Blade Tamer
    • 3/0 Strong Treble hook
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    The new Viper 2 Mag 5, Pikie Bucktail is a small Double-Bladed Bucktail, designed specifically for Northern Pike and shy-bite Muskies. Mag 5 Bucktails are the ideal presentation as a Spring bait or under cold front conditions and as a throw back bait anytime, when Pike and Muskies often prefer smaller presentations.

    The Mag 5 Pikie Bucktail also excels at producing fish in weed cover, featuring a single 3/0 strong treble hook, that runs clean, behind the double blades and bulging silicone skirt. Arm weary, big blade chucking anglers and kids will appreciate the super light pull when compared to other traditional Magnum 10, 9 and 8 sized double bladed Bucktails.

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