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Viper 2, PreyFish Mag 10 Bucktail
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    New UV Ultra - Violet Blades
    No Leverage
    Hooking System
    No Leverage
Hooking System
    *Unique Swivel assembly reduces a Muskie's ability to twist, turn and "leverage" the hook against the shaft. Puts more fish in the Boat!
    Blade Tamer Feature
    Blade Tamer
    *Unique Kink shank design restrains fly away blades, eliminating frustrating wrapped blade, leader fouling problems.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Mag 10 Bucktail

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    Price: $29.97

    • #10 Magnum Live Image PrayFish Pattern Blade
    • UV Ultra - Violet Blades
    • Anti-Fouling Blade Tamer
    • No Leverage Hooking System
    • 2 Each 7/0 Mustad Treble hooks
    • Custom XXX Skirt
    • Designed by Steve Herbeck
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    Viper 2, PreyFish™  Bucktail.  Many top Muskie Pro’s now say, the newest trend is away from overly Flashy, tinsel tail style Bucktail’s, to more muted and natural bait fish bucktail patterns.  Introducing the breakthrough technology, PreyFish Imagining, the industry’s most natural bait fish pattern Muskie blades. Packed with Innovative design features, the Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail will be the new performance leader, by which all big blade designs will be measured.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail’s feature an EXCITING NEW TECHNOLOGY, PreyFish Imaging, the industry’s most natural, life-like, bait fish Images to date. PreyFish Muskie Blades are the result of a new high definition technology that displays live, bait fish images beneath the surface of a Musky Blade, ensuring that the image is protected from scratches and chips. All Prey Fish patterns reflect UV Ultra-Violet rays. Depending on water clarity, fish can see UV blades up to 7 times further than ordinary blades.

    PreyFish™ Imaged Blades are MORE DURABLE than any painted or epoxy coated blade and will outlast most metallic plated blades in single or double rotation style baits.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail’s are packed with unique new performance features including: Mag 10 Preyfish Image blades, Blade Tamer feature, No Leverage Hooking System, custom  XXX Action Skirt and Mustad 7/0 Musky treble hooks.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail’s features a unique new Blade Tamer feature that restrains fly away blades when casting and reduces frustrating wrapped blade and leader fouling problems, along with critical lost fishing time, common with big blade designs. This feature is particularly important under windy conditions.  The Blade Tamer’s extended shaft also provides a measure of bite protection when using fluorocarbon leaders, when big fish key in on blade vibrations under low light conditions.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail’s feature a new, No Leverage Hooking System that reduces a Muskie’s ability to twist, turn and leverage the hook against the center shaft of the bait; a common big fish occurrence that often results in lost fish and damaged baits.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail’s were designed and developed by legendary Muskie angler Steve Herbeck and Bait Rigs Tackle Company Co-Owner Joe Puccio.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail’s are available in (8) life-like bait fish images, Black Sucker, Bluegill, Cisco, Crappie, Silver Shiner, Shad/Whitefish, Yellow Perch & Walleye.
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