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Viper 2, Magnum Bucktail Kit Sizes 7 & 8
    Close Viper 2, Magnum Bucktail Kit Sizes 7 & 8

    Product Descriptions

    Blade Tamer Feature
    Blade Tamer
    *Unique Kink shank design restrains fly away blades, eliminating frustrating wrapped blade, leader fouling problems.

    Viper 2, Magnum Bucktail Kit, Sizes 7 & 8

    Price: $38.45
    • A $46.14 value, sold separately
    • Anti-Fouling Blade Tamer Feature
    • Performance Treble Hooks
    • Available in 5 Colors Sets (no substitutions)
    • PreyFish Blades & Custom Skirt Patterns
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    The Muskie Bucktail kit includes 2 uniquely different Bucktails to cover a variety of seasonal and situational presentations. This Muskie Bucktail kit is a perfect gift for the beginner or the accomplished Muskie Hunter who has everything.

    Kit Contents:

    Viper 2 MAGNUM 7 Bucktail
    This down sized Bucktail is an excellent choice for the early season when Muskies are keying on smaller bait. Double Mag 7 pattern blades and matching skirt imitates smaller bait fish. Single 5/0 treble hook slips through new emerging weeds. The Mag 7 is also a great throw back bait any time of year. Mag 7 Bucktail's have SIGNIFICANTLY less pull than other Magnum Bucktails.

    Viper 2 MAGNUM 8 Bucktail
    This mid-sized Bucktail is an excellent choice for early and mid-summer patterns when Panfish are in shallow water and weed edges. Double Mag 8 PreyFish™ pattern blades and matching skirts imitate preferred bait fish. The Mag 8 features two 5/0 treble hooks.

    General Information:

    Many top Muskie Pro’s now say, the newest trend is away from overly Flashy, tinsel tail style Bucktail’s, to more muted and natural bait fish bucktail patterns. Introducing the breakthrough technology, PreyFish Imagining, the industry’s most natural bait fish pattern Muskie blades. Packed with Innovative design features, the Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail will be the new performance leader, by which all big blade designs will be measured.

    Viper 2, PreyFish™ Bucktail’s feature an EXCITING NEW TECHNOLOGY, PreyFish Imaging, the industry’s most natural, life-like, bait fish Imagesto date.  PreyFish Muskie Blades are the result of a new high definition technology that displays live, bait fish images beneath the surface of a Muskie Blade, ensuring that the image is protected from scratches, chips and UV sun damage.

    Viper 2, Magnum Bucktail Kit, Sizes 7 & 8
    Viper 2 Mag 7 Bucktail Viper 2 Mag 8 Bucktail
    Viper 2 Mag 7 Bucktail
    (9.25 inches long)
    Viper 2 Mag 8 Bucktail
    (10 inches long)

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