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8 New Colors

T-Boned Spaz Series Crankbait 4"
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    8 New Colors

    T-Boned Spaz Series Crankbait

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    • Price: $9.44
    • 4" Body Length - Weight .5 oz
    • Floating with Magnetic Transfer Rattle System
    • #3 Hooks
    • Max Dive Depth 10'
    • WARNING: California‚Äôs Proposition 65

    The T-Boned Spaz Crankbait has an elegant design, natural movement, can be fished fast or slow. It is the best of both worlds, a solid body bait with the action of a jointed body lure.
    The Spaz erratic action gives off a significant vibration that triggers strikes.
    The Spaz has a Magnetic Transfer System, this allows for longer casts and more realistic twitching motion.
    The Spaz is designed to be cast or trolled; it is the perfect multi-species crankbait for any game fish.

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