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Slo-Poke Weedmaster,  Weed and Timber Jig'n Kit
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    Slo-Poke Weedmasterâ„¢, Weed and Timber Jig'n Kit

    This 30 piece kit was inspired by top fishing guides for jig fishing in weeds and wood in North American and Canadian waters for Walleye, Bass and Pike. Deemed to be the best weedless jig in America by avid anglers and professionals, the patented slow fall, swimmer head design of the Slo-Poke WeedMaster is perfect for casting into weeds and heavy timber. Slo-Poke WeedMasters can be tipped with live bait or plastics. Sizes are 1/16oz and 1/8oz and feature a high performance Mustad hook. A variety of colors are included to suit clear, stained and dark water presentations. Information and rigging diagrams are combined in a compact Plano box.

    • 30 Piece Kit, Price $34.60 a $46 value if purchased separately
    • Ideal for weeds and wood
    • For Walleye, Bass and Pike
    • Designed for all North American Lakes, Rivers and Canadian waters
    • Fish with live bait and plastics
    • Features patented slow fall swimmer head design
    • Variety of colors for all waters and conditions
    • Includes rigging diagrams and Plano box
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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    WeedMaster Weed Guard Tuning Tips
    Weedmaster Cut Weed Guard Fan Weed Guard
    Weedmaster Jig Trimming Weed Guard Fan Weed Guard

    Trimming and fanning the individual strands as illustrated will enhance hook sets and improve penetration into weeds and wood. The number of individual fiber strands can be reduced when fishing random weeds or weed edges. Fan out the individual strands wider when fishing timber and narrower when fishing weeds.

    Step 1. Trim back the length of the individual fiber strands so they are just above the point of the hook.

    Step 2. Fan out the individual fiber strands like a Turkey tail. Wider in timber, narrower in weeds.

    Testimonial: Rob Manthei

    Walleye in the Wood

    When it comes to fishing for Walleyes in the wood, I prefer the Slo- Poke WeedMaster over any other jig out there. Both the design and quality of the jig is superior. The eye of the jig is in-line and the weight distribution is centered on the hook, this allows for easy maneuvering over logs, limbs and through weeds. The fiber weed guard doesn't spook fish like other weed guards can, when they inhale the bait. The WeedMaster stays horizontal on the retrieve and doesn't plunge head first like other jigs. This prevents snags and puts the jig in the right orientation for positive hook sets. The super strong Mustad hook penetrates quickly and easily into fish's mouth.

    WeedMasters can be cast right into the heaviest of snags and worked through and over most any obstruction. Spring is a great time to hit the wooded shorelines and early weed growth. Without WeedMasters, I wouldn't boat half of the Walleyes I normally would using other jigs.

    Rob Manthei
    Guide and Pro Walleye Angler

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