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Ultimate Panfish Kit
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    Ultimate Panfish Kit
    This is the perfect 4 season kit for Panfish and Trout. The Kit includes jigs and spoons in all the best sizes and colors to cover a wide variety of situations all year around. All Jigs and spoons can be used with live bait and scented plastics effectively. Everything you need in one convenient Plano box.

    Ultimate Panfish KitNew Glow In Finishes

    • Price: $28.82 for 27 lures a $36.00 Value
    • 15 each Panfish Cobra Jigs in 3 sizes
    • 10 each Slo-Poke Crappie Jigs
    • 2 each Panfish WilloSpoons
    • Features new 2-Tone Glow Jig Colors
    • Includes Plano® Box
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    The Ultimate Panfish Kit includes a variety of high performance Panfish Cobra Jigs, Slo-Poke Jigs and Panfish Willospoons, for the SERIOUS PANFISH ANGLER. This kit includes the ideal assortment of jig and spoon styles, sizes and colors for Crappies, Bluegill and Perch. These unique patented jig and spoon designs feature Mustad performance hooks and 3 hour glow-in-color finishes. Jigs and spoons can be tipped with scented plastics, like "Gulp" or live bait for vertical jigging or bobber rigs. Jigs & spoons are enclosed in a compact Plano box and is a $35.00 value sold separately.

    Slo-Poke Crappie (10 each) #6 1/32 oz. all jigs feature Mustad® Performance hooks.

    15 Panfish Cobra Jigs (15 each), 5 each #14, #12 & #10 sizes.

    Panfish Corba Uses Night Photo
    Rigging for Panfish
    Cobra & Slo-Poke Jig
    Ice Jig Night Photo
    • Kahle Style, Offset Big Gap Hook - Little Jig, Big-Bite
    • Unique, Self-Hooking Circle Action
    • Hooks and Holds on Light Bites, Fish Won't Spit the Hook
    • Perfect for Grubs, Spikes, Worms and Crappie Minnows
    • Approximate weights, small to large: #14 = 80th oz., #12 = 50th oz. & #10 = 1/32 oz.

    The Panfish Cobra Jig is the perfect Ice fishing Crappie and Panfish jig for grubs, spikes, worms and Crappie minnows. At last, a high performance Panfish Jig. The Panfish Cobra Jig gives big hook performance from a very tiny jig. Panfish Cobra's hook and hold like no other small jig. Cobra's feature a unique Mustad©, Kahle Offset Hook and all new super glow-in-dark Colors, that glow in color for 3 hours. A must have jig for the serious angler.

    Panfish Willospoons (2 each) in Firetiger & Pink/White

    Panfish Willo with
    Reverse Hooked Minnow
    Firetiger Glow
    Night Photo
    Firetiger Glow Willospoon
    • High Action Flutter Spoon
    • Use with Grubs, Worms and Minnows
    • Super Ice Spoon
    • #2 Size willow blade, #8 Mustad Performance Bait Hook
    Panfish Willospoons have all the same features of the Walleye Willo's on a smaller scale. Ideal ultra-light jigging spoon for Ice Fishing and Open Water for Crappie, Perch, Sunfish and trout. These tiny flutter spoons can be tipped with grubs, worms or minnows and used with bobbers and sinker rigs. All spoons come complete with split rings, swivels and Mustad performance bait hook.

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