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Cobra Tandem Willow Spinnerbait
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    Double Skirt
    Double Skirt Recommended Option for Greater Profile
    Single Skirt
    Single Skirt Standard
    Cobra® Tandem Willow Traditional Color Spinnerbait.

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    • Tandem Willow Large Profile weedless spinnerbait with 8" Action Tail
    • 1-3/4 oz swimmer head 9/0 hook and 8/0 trailer hook
    • Tandem #6 & #8 Willow Muskie blades
    • High action custom silicon skirt
    • Great Big Bass Spinnerbait
    • Add a second Skirt for Greater Profile and Vibration
    • Heavy Duty 0.062 Stainless Steel Wire
    • Available in 13 colors
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
    • Replacement Parts:

    Cobra® Tandem Spinnerbait Testimonials

    The Cobra ® Tandem Spinnerbait, Designed by Steve Herbeck for big Muskies and Pike, the Cobra Tandem is a super search bait that calls fish in from long distances. FISH IT FAST TO COVER WATER or be SKINNY IN THE WEEDS with this high flash, large profile tandem spinnerbait. The streamlined Cobra swimmer head features a much larger 9/0 big-bite hook and trailer setup, that produces superior hook and hold performance over traditional spinnerbaits.

    The Cobra Tandem is an improved variation of the time proven traditional tandem spinner bait. The Cobra Tandem is a large profile weedless spinner bait, featuring a 9/0, 1-3/4 oz swimmer head and trailer hook, tandem #6 & #8 Willow Muskie blades, action skirt and tail and a custom made heavy duty 0.062 wire form.

    The Cobra Tandem is available in a 1-3/4 oz head and (13) color patterns including 3 just released Copper, Puple White and Purple Black.

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