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ESOX Cobra Shadtail Swimbait 6 Inch
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    Tournament Winner!
    Cobra Shadtail Art

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    • Available in 1/2, 3/4 & 1 oz sizes with 5/0 Big Bite Nickel Plated Mustad® Ultra-Point® Hook
    • Price $11.44 each Buy 1 get $1.00 off every additional Shadtail Swimbaits
    • Versatile rigging, swim'n or dying Shad
    • Available in Nine custom Muskie Shad colors
    • Super bait in weeds & wood

    Read about the Esox Cobra Shadtail in The Next Bite – ESOX Angler Magazine

    Esox Cobra® Testimonials

    New Esox Cobra® Shadtail's provide a tantalizing swim bait action and are available in custom Muskie color patterns. Cobra Shadtails are a versatile bait and can be rigged either in line as a swim bait or side ways as a dying Shad.

    Esox Cobra Shadtails in the dying shad presentation is a great trigger bait when used on neutral fish or under cold front conditions. Cobra Tails will often trigger strikes when other baits are not producing, making them an excellent throw back bait behind follows from Bucktails, Jerk Baits and Tandem Spinners.

    Hand Tie with Wire Leader
    We Recommend A Wire Leader in front of the Cobra Jig to prevent bite offs. Remember, any leader that can be cut with a knife can be bit off by the teeth of a Muskie or Pike. Hand tie wire directly to the Cobra Jig.
    Wire Type Weight Lenth Knot
    7-Strand 40-60 # 8" - 10"

    Figure 8 or Overhand

    Soild Strand 30-45 # 8"- 10" Haywire Twist

    Fishing Tips:

    • BITE DETECTION: Do not expect hard strikes when using jigs. Muskie and pike will typically inhale jigs. This type of bite feels like a LIGHT TICK and the hook should be SET IMMEDIATELY after the tick is felt.
    • PRESENTATION: Jigs and plastics are ideal presentations in Spring and Fall, cold fronts, or as substitutes for live bait. Jigs will penetrate heavy cover, making them ideal in weed and wood.

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    Unreal bait for pike musky’s and even worked on big bass