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Serious  Walleye Spinner Blade Kit
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    Serious Walleye Spinner Blade Kit

    This complete do-it-yourself, 368 piece Serious Walleye Spinner Kit for Lakes, Rivers and Big Water, ideal for building spinner rigs or replacement parts for existing lures. A must have kit for the Walleye angler, this full spectrum kit features the tournament winning, Metallic and AstroBrite Blades in a variety of most popular shapes and sizes. Contents are combined in a compact Plano Box.

    Special Price - $34.60 a $45 value

      Kit Contents:
    • 12 #2 Deep-Cup Colorado AstroBrite Blades
    • 6 #5 Deep-Cup Colorado AstroBrite Blades
    • 6 #2 Deep-Cup Metallic Blades Hammered: 3 Nickel & 3 Copper
    • 6 #5 Deep-Cup 2 Nickle 4 Colored Metallic Blades: 
    • 6 #5 Deep-Cup 2-Tone Colored Metallic Blades: 
    • 10 #4 Mustad® Walleye Hooks
    • 10 #2 Mustad® Walleye Hooks
    • 12 Quick Change Clevises
    • 300 Assorted Beads, 4 colors, 4MM & 5MM
    • 1 Plano Utility Box
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    FEATURES: Ideal kit for complete lure making or replacement parts. This compact walleye spinner kit features an assortment of AstroBrite Blades that simulate shimmering baitfish colors. Blades included are #2 and #5 Deep-Cup High lift Colorado. Kit also includes original Quick Change Clevises, Mustad® performance walleye hooks, and color coordinated polished attractor beads. A total of 372 pieces, a $45 value if purchased separately. (click on here for more "Spinner" Rigs info)

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