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Walleye Super Pro Jig Kit
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    Walleye Super Pro Jig Kit

    This is a SUPER KIT for the Walleye enthusiast who is looking for a fishing edge. This jig kit was designed by legendary Walleye Pro, Daryl Christensen and represents the exact system he used to win the PWT Super Pro Walleye Tournament. Information and diagrams illustrate exactly how Daryl got the edge to win the tournament by successfully fishing in weeds, wood and rocks with Odd'Ball and Slo-Poke Jigs. Complete step-by-step Information and diagrams are included.  Contents are combined in a compact Plano Box.

    Special Price - $29.98 a $36 value

    • 24 Jigs in a Plano Box
    • Odd'Ball Jigs = 1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 sizes (best colors)
    • Slo-Poke Jigs = 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 sizes (best colors)
    • Slo-Poke WeedMasters = 1/16 & 1/8 sizes (best colors)
    • Download Jig User Guide
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    “The Trick is Knowing Which Jig to Use for the Right Presentation”
    Oddball Jigs Rigged
    Slo-Poke Jigs Rigged
    Cast and Retrieve or Drift with Slo-Poke Jig

    Style: Weight Centered.
    Advantage: Falls in a horizontal plane, falls slowly snag resistant.
    1.Swim it, cast and retrieve.
    2.Long line over bottom, drifting and dragging.
    3.Swim it in river current.
    4.Weedmaster, wood, weeds and rock.

    Vertical and Standup jigging with the Oddball Jig

    Style: Weight Forward.
    Advantage: Stays in a horizontal plane when "Oddball Jig". Standup position on bottom.
    1.Vertical jigging.
    2.Standup when dropping or dragging on bottom.
    3.Pitching to structure and following contours.
    4.Rig weedless for wood, weeds and rock.

    Years ago I discovered that jig fishing is the most exciting, versatile and productive method for catching Walleyes. The trick is knowing which jig to use for the right presentation.

    In an age of specialty jigs, fishermen are discovering that not just any old jig will do. In 45 years of guiding and tournament fishing, I can say that I have tried them all. The Slo-Poke and Odd'ball Jigs in this kit not only DO IT ALL, but they DO IT BETTER than any jigs I've ever used.

    Having the right tools for the job will make any fisherman better. This simple and effective system will help fishermen at all skill levels. I'm convinced that the jigs and information in this kit will improve your fishing success. Daryl Christensen

    FEATURES: Daryl Christensen's Super-Pro Jig Kit represents the exact system he used to win the PWT Super Pro Walleye Tournament. Learn to fish weeds, wood and rock with live bait and plastics. Kit includes the original Slo-Poke Jig, the all new Slo-Poke WeedMaster and the new and Improved Odd'Ball Jig. Sizes include 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 in hottest colors. This is a must have kit for the serious angler. Full instructions and rigging diagrams included. A total of 24 pieces, a $30 value if purchased separately.

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