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Esox Cobra MAGNUM Jig
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    PMTT Champion
    Esox Cobra MAGNUM Jig
    The Cobra MAGNUM Jig
    trailer hook attachment eye
    Esox™ Cobra MAGNUM Jig

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    • Available in 1, 1-1/2 & 2 oz sizes with 8/0 Big Bite Nickel Plated Mustad® Ultra-Point® Hook
    • Price 1 oz. $8.80 ea. & 2 Pack $15.90
    • Price 1 1/2 oz. $9.60 ea. & 2 Pack $17.37
    • Price 2 oz. $10.14 ea. & 2 Pack $18.43
    • Weedless design
    • Available in four custom Muskie colors
    • Super bait in weeds & wood
    • Fish Fast, Fish Deep, Keeps up with other lures
    • Replacement Parts:

    Esox Cobra® MAGNUM Testimonials

    Read about the Magnum Cobra Jig in The Next Bite – ESOX Angler Magazine

    The Esox™ Cobra MAGNUM Jig is endorsed by PMTT Champion and all time money winner Gregg Thomas. Gregg was closely involved with the design and field testing of the Magnum Jig. Gregg considers the Magnum to be the ultimate answer to Jigging large plastics bodies for Muskies.

    The Esox™ Cobra MAGNUM Jig features an abundance of desirable Muskie jig features, including an advanced swimmer head, tuned weed guard, trailer hook attachment eye, custom Muskie skirt and a big bite Mustad® ULTRA-POINT 8/0 hook.

    The Esox™ Cobra MAGNUM Jig is fitted with a custom tuned fiber weed guard that allows it to swim cleanly through coon tail and cabbage weeds, while still providing maximum hook setting power.

    The Esox™ Cobra MAGNUM Jig has a custom-made, high quality, silicone rubber skirt. This skirt has wider, fuller strands, which provide the needed action required on larger jig heads. Skirt and head colors are available in 4 color patterns.

    The Esox™ Cobra MAGNUM Jig features a Mustad® Ultra-Point 8/0 big bite hook and is available in 1 oz, 1.5 oz and 2 oz sizes. All Magnum Jigs feature an advanced keeper system on the hook shaft to accommodate larger plastic baits.

    The Esox™ Cobra MAGNUM Jig features an in-line trailer hook attachment eye that is located directly behind the head of the jig. This attachment eye accommodates the new Muskie Trailer hook system, designed specifically for the Cobra Magnum jig when using larger plastic baits.

    MAGNUM Jig rigged with a Shad and Trailer Hook
    Esox Cobra MAGNUM Jig rigged
    with a 9" Shad and Trailer Hook

    WE RECOMMEND A WIRE LEADER in front of the Cobra Jig to prevent bite offs. Remember, any leader that can be cut with a knife can be bit off by the teeth of a Muskie or Pike.

    Fishing Tips:

    • BITE DETECTION: Do not expect hard strikes when using jigs. Muskie and pike will typically inhale jigs. This type of bite feels like a LIGHT TICK and the hook should be SET IMMEDIATELY after the tick is felt.
    • PRESENTATION: Jigs and plastics are ideal presentations in Spring and Fall, cold fronts, or as substitutes for live bait. Jigs will penetrate heavy cover, making them ideal in weed and wood.

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