Viper 2, Mag 7 Bucktail

Bait Rigs TackleViper 2, Mag 7 Bucktail

Bait Rigs Tackle Co., LLC of Madison WI. Proudly introduces the smallest member of its Magnum Bucktail family. The new Mag 7, Viper 2 Bucktail is the smallest bait in the Viper 2 family of Bucktails and joins the popular Mag 10 and 8 sizes

Mag 7, Viper 2 Bucktail’s feature double Magnum #7 blades andare the perfect downsized bait for the Spring season, when Muskies often prefer smaller presentations.  Viper 2, Mag 7 Bucktail’s also excel at producing fish in weed cover and under cold front conditions.  Arm weary, big blade chucking anglers, will also appreciate the lighter pull of the Mag 7, when compared to traditional Mag 10, 9 and 8 sized double bladed Bucktails.

Viper 2, PreyFish Mag 7 Bucktail in Black Sucker Color

Viper 2, PreyFish™ Mag 7 Bucktail in Black Sucker Color

Mag 7, Viper 2 Bucktail’s produced for field testersduring field trials.  Professional Muskie Guide and tournament angler, Mike Pecosky, had great success throwing the Mag 7 behind other anglers throwing larger Mag 10 Bucktails.  According to Mike; the cold front fish preferred the smaller bait and he was able to work the smaller bait into weed beds, to produce three legal fish in one morning.

Mag 7, Viper 2 Bucktail’s features a unique new Blade Tamer feature that stops fly away blades that cause wrapped blade and leader fouling problems, saving lost fishing time, common with big blade designs. This feature is particularly important under windy conditions.  The Blade Tamer’s extended shaft also provides a measure of bite protection for fluorocarbon leaders, when fish key on blade vibrations.

Mag 7, Viper 2 Bucktail’s are available in (4) life-like PreyFish™ images including, Yellow Perch, Walleye, Black Sucker and Crappie and (3) traditional colors, Black/Silver, White/Silver and Orange/Black.