Esox Cobra WilloBeast Bucktail and Spinnerbait

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Bait Rigs Tackle Co.,LLC of Madison WI. Proudly introduces  its line of Esox Cobra WilloBeast ™ Muskie and Pike spinner baits, featuring the World’s largest, high performance, #11 willow blade.

The Esox Cobra WilloBeast product line was designed by legendary Muskie angler Steve Herbeck and Joe Puccio, co-owner of Bait Rigs Tackle Company. This exciting new spinner series, features the design and development of the World’s largest, high performance, #11 willow blade, trademarked the WilloBeast.

Esox Cobra WilloBeast XXX Bucktail

Esox Cobra WilloBeast XXX Bucktail

The Esox Cobra WilloBeast, featuring the #11 WilloBeast blade, the World’s largest Willow blade, establishes a completely new class of spinner style baits. According to Steve Herbeck, “WilloBeast’s look completely different, I got goose bumps the first time I saw it in the water. These baits have more flash then traditional #10 Magnum Blades and can call fish in from longer distances. I can cover more water in less time, it’s going to be a great search bait. One side benefit that I really like, is that double WilloBeast’s have less pull then double #10 Magnums, easier on the old elbow.”

The Esox Cobra WilloBeast is available in (2) models. The WilloBeast In-line Bucktail model has double #11 WilloBeast blades and a custom XXX Skirt. The WilloBeast Spinnerbait model features a single WilloBeast blade and double #7 Colorado blades, skirt and action tail. The WilloBeast Spinnerbait model is in a class by itself, producing a combination of flash and vibration unlike any spinnerbait on the market today.

Copper Colored WilloBeast Musky Spinnerbait

Copper Colored WilloBeast Musky Spinnerbait

The Esox Cobra WilloBeast products are available in (7) Muskie/Pike color patterns that feature WilloBeast blade colors in Firetiger, Blaze Orange, Nickel Hex, Black Nickel Hex and 14kt Gold Hex patterns. WilloBeast blades are sold separately.


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Esox Cobra® MAGNUM Musky Jig and Muskie Trailer Hook System.

Bait Rigs TackleBait Rigs Tackle Co. of Madison WI. Proudly introduces Esox Cobra® MAGNUM Musky Jig and Muskie Trailer™ System.

The Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig is endorsed by PMTT Champion and all time money winner Gregg Thomas. Gregg was closely involved with the design and field testing of the MAGNUM Musky Jig. Gregg considers the Magnum to be the ultimate answer to Jigging large plastics bodies for Muskies.

Esox Cobra® MAGNUM Musky Jig

Esox Cobra® MAGNUM Musky Jig

The Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig features an abundance of desirable Muskie jig features, including an advanced swimmer head, tuned weed guard, trailer hook attachment eye, custom Muskie skirt and a big bite Mustad® ULTRA-POINT 8/0 hook.

The Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig is fitted with a custom tuned fiber weed guard that allows it to swim cleanly through coon tail and cabbage weeds, while still providing maximum hook setting power.

The Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig has a custom-made, high quality, silicone rubber skirt. This skirt has wider, fuller strands, which provide the needed action required on larger jig heads. Skirt and head colors are available in 4 color patterns.

The Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig features a Mustad® Ultra-Point 8/0 big bite hook and is available in 1 oz, 1.5 oz and 2 oz sizes. All MAGNUM Musky Jigs feature an advanced keeper system on the hook shaft to accommodate larger plastic baits.

The Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig features an in-line trailer hook attachment eye that is located directly behind the head of the jig. This attachment eye accommodates the new Muskie Trailer hook system, designed specifically for the Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig when using larger plastic baits.

Muskie Trailers are designed to fit the Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig and provide needed hooking power on the back end of larger plastic baits. Muskie Trailers™ attach simply and positively to the MAGNUM Musky Jig and are adjustable in a range of plastic bodies from 6″ to 12″.

Muskie Trailers feature Mustad® strong treble hooks, Stay-Lok Snaps™ and a unique adjustable attachment hook. All components are hand tied with 60# 7-strand wire.

Muskie Trailers come in 2 sizes, are sold separately and are available at and participating Muskie stores everywhere.

Esox Cobra Magnum Jig & Trailer Hook

New Glow-In-Color Slo-Poke Jig

Bait Rigs TackleBait Rigs® Tackle Company of Madison, WI., a company focused on high quality, innovative products, introduces all new strontium based Glow-In-Color finishes for the popular Slo-Poke Jig® line.

The tournament winning Slo-Poke Jig now features all new strontium based Glow-In-Color finishes. These brighter, longer lasting glow colors actually Glow-In-Color. Glow-In-Color Slo-Pokes are available in (5) colors including an exciting new Firetiger & Purple Firetiger patterns. Glow-In-Color Slo-Pokes are ideal for night bites, low light and dark water presentations.Slo-Poke Jigs

Slo-Poke Jigs with Mustad Wide Gap hooks are 30% stronger and require 2-1/2 times less penetration force than conventional jig hooks.

The new improved weight-centered head design of the Slo-Poke Jig exhibits a more standup posture for better bottom walking presentations. Additionally, the improved design allows a more open gap for better hook sets.

The Slo-Poke Jig with its weight-centered design sinks slowly and horizontally, instead of plunging nose first to the bottom like a weight-forward round ball jig.

The weight-centered Slo-Poke Jig has a unique neutral buoyancy effect that allows finicky fish to more easily take the bait.

The Slo-Poke Jig is weedless and snag resistant. Unlike weight forward jigs that dive head first and wedge themselves into structure, the bullet shaped Slo-Poke keeps its head up and hook covered enabling it to penetrate heavy fish holding structure.

The Slo-Poke Jig has a unique natural swimming action all its own that imparts a tantalizing wobble as it drops, unlike weight-forward jigs that have no inherent action.

The weight-centered Slo-Poke Jig promotes positive hook sets by sinking with its hook and body in a horizontal position as opposed to weight-forward round ball jigs that plunge head first with their hook in a vertical position.

The Slo-Poke Jig is versatile and offers a multitude of different setups heretofore impossible with conventional weight-forward jigs.

The Slo-Poke Jig is available in sizes 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4.

Bait Rigs Box 44153 Madison, WI 53744-4153 USA 1-800-236-7441 Website: www.baitrigs.comSlo-Poke Jig

The Crappie GrubMaster Jig, The Insert Jig.

Bait Rigs TackleBait Rigs® Tackle Co. of Madison WI. Proudly introduces the Crappie GrubMasterTM Jig. This patented jighead is designed specifically for use with plastics. Unlike conventional jigs the Crappie GrubMasterTM does not simply attach itself, but rather becomes an integral part of the plastic body by fitting completely inside. The Crappie GrubMasterTM is an “insert jig”, a new category of jigs that fit snugly inside a wide variety of bodies including Gene Larew® 1-1/2″ Spider Grubs, 1-1/2 & 2-1/2″ Tubes and 2 & 2-1/2″ single and twin tail grubs.

Crappie Grubmaster Jig

Crappie Grubmaster Jig

The Crappie GrubMaster has a unique, weight centered body. Unlike power heads and ball jigs that plunge head first vertically, the weight centered GrubMaster falls slowly and horizontally, keeping the bait in the strike zone longer. This phenomenon makes it easier for suspended Crappies to inhale the bait. Additionally, the horizontal orientation gives the bait a unique gliding, swimming action, like real baitfish. The horizontal position of the hook provides positive, roof of the mouth hook sets that Crappies can’t easily shake. Now Crappie Anglers can create their own custom colors.

The Crappie GrubMaster is designed to enhance the color of plastics. The Create-A-BaitTM concept is an exciting new look in jig and grub color combinations. The placement of a uniquely colored GrubMaster, inside a transparent plastic body, allows the jighead to shine through and provide background color. This phenomenon, Create-A-BaitTM, can either subtly enhance or completely transform the color of plastics. Color combinations are limited only to the imagination. Now the innovative Crappie angler can match the hatch by creating a limitless number of custom color patterns by simply mixing and matching jigheads and plastic tails. A Create-A-BaitTM Color Chart has been developed to illustrate a variety of basic baitfish patterns that can be created by mixing and matching Grub and jighead colors. The Create-A-BaitTM Color Chart is available at or FREE inside all GrubMaster kits.

The Crappie GrubMaster excels in weeds and wood. The horizontal orientation and forward eyelet allows the jighead to slip through wood and weeds where crankbaits, spinners and other lures are less effective.

The Crappie GrubMaster is ideal for light and ultra-light presentations. Versatility can be achieved by varying the retrieve and jigging motion. Slow to fast or a steady retrieve, shallow to deep, start to stop and in-between, all in one bait.

The Crappie GrubMaster features VMC® performance hooks. A variety of 2-tone colors and 2 sizes are available, 1/32 oz – #4 hook and 1/16 oz – #1 hook.

The Crappie GrubMaster is available in 2-pack, 6-pack and 20- pack bulk jighead configurations. A complete Crappie Kit Model SS-80 featuring a variety of Gene Larew® plastics and jigheads in 1/32 and 1/16 oz is also available. The SS-80 Kit features the Hot New Gene Larew® 1-1/2″ Crappie Spider and tubes in 1-1/2″ and 2″ sizes.

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Walleye Willospoons

Walleye Willospoons

Walleye Willospoons By Bait Rigs Tackle

Have you ever used a WilloSpoon? If you ever ask someone that question I’m sure they’ll say “sure I used them a lot through the ice and they work good.” Hardly anyone will say they ever used them in the summer and if they have they only used them to vertical jig for perch or some other pan-fish. I’m going to tell you some of the ways that I use the WilloSpoons and how you too can use them to put more walleyes and other fish in the pan all year long.

My first experience using a WilloSpoon was one winter many years ago while fishing for Perch through the ice on lake Mille Lacs. I was busy catching Perch when all of a sudden I had a much bigger fish on the line and after a few minutes playing it I landed a Walleye that was over 8 pounds. After catching a few more smaller Walleyes the rest of the day I got to thinking that there might be something to these little spoons and maybe I should put some info in my notes for summer fishing and give them a try at that time. Being a Walleye tournament fisherman I always keep notes on things that happen when I catch Walleyes and I put that information in my computer to use later. It isn’t a bad idea for everyone to do something like this to keep track of their fishing success or lack of success whatever the case may be. In fact there are computer programs that you can buy for just this purpose.

When the next tournament season started I printed out all of my notes and as I was reading them the WilloSpoon notes popped up. It didn’t take long for me to start to think about how I could use them during tournaments. I decided to pick up a few more WilloSpoons to try if the conditions were right. The conditions are usually right if I’m not catching fish on anything else. As you might expect I didn’t even think about using them until a while later while prefishing and as usual I wasn’t catching any fish so I decided to try them behind a bottom bouncer for a while just for something different to do. As you might guess, nothing happened, but a while later when I was talking to a tournament fishing friend he told me about catching some Walleyes while casting WilloSpoons in shallow water. Now I just had to try them more often and I had to see for myself if there was really anything to these things.
They have a lot of things going for them if you really think about it. They come in a multitude of colors, they’re almost weightless and you can push them inside of a tube tail to make them a soft body. You can bait them with any kind of live bait as long as its small and if you don’t like the hook you can replace it with a treble or a colored hook or as you will read later in this article, there are secret special ways to use them with no hook at all and still catch fish.???

Now that I had all this good information it was time to try them and see how I could use them to catch fish. The first thing that I did was try casting them. I’ll tell you something, you soon find out that you have to use very light line and only cast down wind or you end up with them landing right in front of you in the water or if your not careful stuck in your forehead. I tried adding a small split shot a foot above the spoon and I changed the single hook to a #8 or 10 treble hook. Next I tried using a small minnow or leech , as you can see I was really grasping at straws to try to get these things heavy enough to cast. Several of these things seemed to help quite a bit and gave enough weight to cast and didn’t really bother the action any. I used this rig in some real shallow water when prefishing for a tournament on the Mississippi river and caught a fish in the 7 pound range as well as some smaller Sauger. This is definitely a shallow water rig because of the light weight although I would think you could try a heavier split shot for deeper water.

When using the WilloSpoon in deep water I found that dressing them with a small minnow or half a crawler and trolling them very slowly behind a bottom bouncer or snap weight was the most affective way next to vertical jigging. That is if you want to catch the fish on the WilloSpoon. If you want to use them as flashers to help catch fish with another lure here is another one of my brainstorm ideas that paid off and you might want to try. Take the hooks off about three WilloSpoons and replace them with small swivels. Now tie the WilloSpoons in line about 6 inches apart and about 2 feet ahead of a crankbait when trolling, you might be pleasantly surprised at the flash they produce and how they resemble baitfish swimming along. Of course you can use any number or color of WilloSpoon that you want or modify them any way that works for you.

Probably the way that WilloSpoons are most used is ice fishing. I must admit this was the only time that I used them for a lot of years. I still use them any time I go ice fishing for any kind of fish except Northern Pike. Not that they don’t work for Northerns but their sharp teeth will cut the line and you will loose lots of baits. When fishing in deep water I use about an 8 inch pencil sinker 6 or 7 inches above the WilloSpoon. By using this rig you will not tangle the WilloSpoon on the line like you will if you use split shot when lowering it into deep water. For shallow water applications you normally wont need any weight so the tangle problem is eliminated. There are many ways to dress the WilloSpoon with live bait. You can put ice fishing grubs on it, the head of a minnow or what I like is the tail end of the minnow. I remove the head of the minnow right behind the gills and then hook the body so the tail of the minnow is hanging and just kind of floating in the water when you jig it up and down. This is dynamite on Perch and Walleye through the ice and would probably work equally as well in the summer.

As you can see the WilloSpoon can be used throughout the year with good success. Of course the original Walleye WilloSpoon from Bait Rigs tackle will always provide the best results and the “fire” colors that are new this year are a great addition to the WilloSpoon line, it gives you more selection and makes them even more versatile. I’m really looking foreword to the coming tournament season when I’m sure that I’ll be using the WilloSpoon even more than I have in the past. Try em I think you’ll learn to like em too.

Panfish Willospoons

Panfish Willospoons

If you’re having trouble finding the WilloSpoons at your local sport shop, you can order them online from in the Bait Rigs Tackle Store.

It will be well worth your while.

Walleye Willospoons are available in 2 sizes, Panfish Willospoons are recommended for Perch fishing.

Bill Reabe