Panfish Cobra Jig

Bait Rigs TackleBait Rigs® Tackle Company of Madison, WI proudly introduces the new high performance Panfish CobraTM Jig.

The Panfish Cobra Jig is the perfect year-around Crappie and Panfish jig for grubs, spikes, worms and Crappie minnows. At last, a high performance Panfish Jig.

The Panfish Cobra Jig gives big hook performance from a very tiny jig. Panfish Cobra’s hook and hold like no other small jig. Cobra’s feature a unique Mustad©, Kahle Offset Hook and all new super glow-in-dark Colors, that glow in color for 3 hours. Available in (4) sizes. A must have jig for the serious angler. Panfish Cobra Jig

Ask any “small jig” fisherman what his biggest complaint is and he undoubtedly would tell you, “the lack of hooking power from small jigs”. The Panfish Cobra is the little jig, with a big bite. At last, a small jig with big performance. The Panfish Cobra features a big-bite, high performance Mustad® hook, that sets and holds significantly better than conventional small jig designs.Panfish Mighty Mouse Jig

The Panfish Cobra is ideal for shallow and deep vertical jigging, as well as bobber rigs. Panfish Cobras can be tipped with a variety of plastics and live bait, including grubs, worms, minnows and PowerBait®.

Panfish Cobras feature (7) New “Astro Glow” Colors that glow brighter, longer and in color. The Panfish Cobra is available in #10, #12 and #14 hook sizes.

Bait Rigs® Box 44153 Madison, WI 53744-4153 USA www.baitrigs.comPanfish Cobra Jig

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