Esox Cobra WilloBeast ™ The World’s largest Willow Blade

Bait Rigs TackleBait Rigs Tackle Co.,LLC of Madison WI. Proudly introduces  its all new line of Esox Cobra WilloBeast™ Blades for Muskie and Pike, the World’s largest willow blade.

Esox Cobra WilloBeast Blades  were designed by legendary Muskie angler Steve Herbeck and Joe Puccio, co-owner of Bait Rigs Tackle Company. According to Steve Herbeck, these #11 Willows represent a completely new class of blade. “I got goose bumps the first time I saw this blade in the water.

Esox Cobra WilloBeast ™ The World's largest #11 Willow Blade

Esox Cobra WilloBeast ™ The World’s largest #11 Willow Blade

WilloBeast blades have more flash then any blade out there, including #10 & #13 Magnum Blades.  I can fish these blades faster, cover more water and call fish in from longer distances. WilloBeast’s are going to be a great blade for search baits. One side benefit that I really like, is that WilloBeast blades have less pull then #10 &  #13 Magnums, easier on the old elbow.”

Esox Cobra WilloBeast Blades are ideal for large spinnerbaits and for double and single spin bucktails. WilloBeast blades are available in (5) Muskie/Pike colors including; Metallic Hex patterns in 14kt Gold, Black Nickel and Bright Nickel. Painted patterns are Firetiger and Blaze Orange Glitter.

Esox Cobra WilloBeast Blades are available in two styles of finished Muskie/Pike baits including, Spinnerbaits and in-line double bladed Bucktails.

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