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Panfish Willospoons
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    Firetiger Glow
    Night Photo
    Firetiger Glow Willospoon
    • Price - $2.99
    • High Action Flutter Spoon
    • Use with Grubs, Worms and Minnows
    • Excellent Bobber Spoon
    • Super Ice Spoon
    • Ideal Spoon for Drifting, Bottom Bouncers and sinker rigs
    • #2 size willow blade (1.0625 inch long) & #6 Mustad Sproat Bait Hook - Total Weight .03 oz. 

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    FEATURES: Panfish Willospoons have all the same features of the Walleye Willo's on a smaller scale. Ideal ultra-light jigging spoon for Ice Fishing and Open Water for Crappie, Perch, Sunfish and trout. These tiny flutter spoons can be tipped with grubs, worms or minnows and used with bobbers and sinker rigs. All spoons come complete with split rings, swivels and Mustad performance bait hook.

    All 3 WilloSpoon Sizes
    Panfish WilloSpoon
    Panfish Willospoon
    Small Walleye WilloSpoon
    2 1/2 size Willow Willospoon
    Large Walleye WilloSpoon
    3 1/2 size Walley Willospoon

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