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Odd'ball 3/4 oz. Jigs
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    Glow In Color Finishes   Odd'ball Jigs
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     Fretiger Glow Oddball Jig
    Super River Jig

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    Heavy-Head Dropper Jig The heavy head Odd'ball Jig™ 3/4 & 5/8 oz. are ideal in heavy river current or as a dropper off a 3-way rig.
    The popular tournament winning Odd'ball Jig™ now features all new strontium based, Glow-In-Color finishes. These brighter, longer lasting glow colors actually Glow-In-Color. The new Glow-In-Color Odd'ball Jigs™ are available in (4) 2-tone colors. New, Glow-In-Color Odd'balls are ideal for night bites, low light and dark water presentations.

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    OddBall Jig Sizes



    Unique Teeter Totter Vertical Jigging Action: The Odd'ball Jig exhibits a unique teeter totter action when it is vertically jigged. This feature sets the Odd'ball Jig apart from all other conventional jigs and allows anglers to impart a strike triggering action into dead-rigged shiners and other bait when jigged vertically.

    Simplified Versatile Rigging: The Odd'ball Jig features versatile rigging. Odd'balls can be rigged with an exposed hook or Texas Style (weedless) using either live bait or Power Bait®. Weedless rigging is simple and does not require attachment devises and can be accomplished without the need to cut and re-tie your line.

    Odd'ball Jigs Rigged

    New High Performance Mustad® Hook: All Odd'ball Jigs feature a new Mustad® High Carbon performance hook. This custom made, ultra high strength hook has more gap and throat area than conventional jigs. The larger gap and throat area improves hook sets by providing more bait space in the bottom of the hook, leaving more available gap for hook sets.

    Standup Head: The Odd'ball Jig features an aggressive stand-up head design. This feature keeps the hook in an upright position, eliminating most bottom snags, while positioning the hook for more positive hook sets. The Odd'ball is the perfect jig for hopping or dragging bottom.

    The EZ -Tie Eyelet™: This new over sized eye comes paint free, with a large target area for easy termination of all knots, including double loop super knots. The 'EZ-Tie Eyelet™' is large enough to accommodate stinger hooks, eliminating the unwanted hardware needed for a secondary stinger eyelet. Additionally, the 'Eye' is built snugly into the head, eliminating the long necked eyelet that is the major hang point and weed collector on conventional ball jig designs.

    Odd'ball Jigs are available in 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 5/8 & 3/4 Sizes in up to (14) Colors, including (8) Glow-In-Color finishes.

    Odd'ball Teeter-totter jig action

    For Walleye, Bass, Pike & Catfish try New & improved Odd'ball Jigs (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 5/8 & 3/4oz)

    For Crappie try New & improved Odd'ball Jigs (1/16 1/8 oz)

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