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Walleye Willospoons
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    Firetiger Glow
    Night Photo
    Firetiger Glow Willospoon
    • Price - $3.45 or 3 Pack for $9.22 (best value)
    • Large Walleye Willospoons with # 3 1/2 size willow blade (1.625 inch Long) & #4 Mustad hook - Total Weight .07 oz.
    • Small Walleye Willospoons #2 1/2 size willow blade (1.25 inch Long) & #4 Mustad hook - Total Weight .05 oz.
    • (See Panfish Willospoons click here)

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    The Walleye WillospoonTM Jigging and Rigging Spoon System is a unique new approach to fishing, employing a variety of presentations including vertical jigging, casting, open water drifting, bobber rigs, wind tip-ups, bottom bouncers and 3-way swivel rigs.
    The Walleye WillospoonTM swims and falls slower than conventional jigging spoons and has a tantalizing wobble that triggers strikes from tough to catch fish.

    All 3 WilloSpoon Sizes
    Panfish WilloSpoon
    Panfish Willospoon
    Small Walleye WilloSpoon
    2 1/2 size Willow Willospoon
    Large Walleye WilloSpoon
    3 1/2 size Walley Willospoon
    • 3-way Rigs: Willospoons will produce a tantalizing flutter in river currents behind a short lead (18" to 24"). Tip with a live minnow or just a minnow head to produce maximum action. Use on a dead rod when anchored or back troll or slip with the river current.
    • Bottom Bouncers: Excellent River Rig. Willospoons run clean or with live bait make a super triggering rig when used behind bottom bouncers. Willospoons can be trolled or drifted slower than spinners yet produce the flash & vibration needed to trigger even the most finicky Walleyes.
    • Floats: Willospoons will flutter under floats with the natural up & down motion of the waves. Substituting bait hooks or small jigs with Willospoons adds fish attracting flash & vibration. Slip float rigs & Willospoons tipped with leeches or minnows are an irresistible Walleye presentation.
    • Ultra-Light Jigging: Use Willospoons for ultra-light jigging techniques. Willospoons fall much slower than conventional spoons and jigs & produce a tantalizing slow flutter and fall presentation.

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    Reviewer: DAVID OH 12/28/2020
    been using this on fly in trips to Ontario for many years now with great success. I find the that just using a small broken off piece of nightcrawler hooked thru the center of the end gives the spoon the best action