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Walleye WilloSpoon Kit
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    Walleye Willospoon Kit

     This Willospoon Kit is the perfect gift for the Walleye enthusiast who would enjoy something unique and different. These unique, flutter jigging spoons can be used for both ICE FISHING and OPEN WATER. Two sizes in the hottest colors have been selected by our Pro-Staff. Information and contents are combined in a compact Plano box.

    Firetiger Glow
    Night Photo
    Firetiger Glow Willospoon
    • Price - 6 pack $18.47 ($3.07 each)
    • Price - 12 pack $32.33 (Best Value $2.69 each)
    • Free Plano Box
    • Large Walleye Willospoons (# 3 1/2 size willow blade, #4 Mustad hook)
    • Small Walleye Willospoons (#2 1/2 size willow blade, #4 Mustad hook)

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    The Walleye WillospoonTM Jigging and Rigging Spoon System is a unique new approach to fishing, employing a variety of presentations including vertical jigging, casting, open water drifting, bobber rigs, wind tip-ups, bottom bouncers and 3-way swivel rigs.
    The Walleye Willospoon swims and falls slower than conventional jigging spoons and has a tantalizing wobble that triggers strikes from tough to catch fish.

    All 3 WilloSpoon Sizes
    Panfish WilloSpoon
    Small Walleye WilloSpoon
    Large Walleye WilloSpoon


    • 3-way Rigs: Willospoons will produce a tantalizing flutter in river currents behind a short lead (18" to 24"). Tip with a live minnow or just a minnow head to produce maximum action. Use on a dead rod when anchored or back troll or slip with the river current.
    • Bottom Bouncers: Excellent River Rig. Willospoons run clean or with live bait make a super triggering rig when used behind bottom bouncers. Willospoons can be trolled or drifted slower than spinners yet produce the flash & vibration needed to trigger even the most finicky Walleyes.
    • Floats: Willospoons will flutter under floats with the natural up & down motion of the waves. Substituting bait hooks or small jigs with Willospoons adds fish attracting flash & vibration. Slip float rigs & Willospoons tipped with leeches or minnows are an irresistible Walleye presentation.
    • Ultra-Light Jigging: Use Willospoons for ultra-light jigging techniques. Willospoons fall much slower than conventional spoons and jigs & produce a tantalizing slow flutter and fall presentation.

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