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Whitefish Rig
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    Whitefish Rig

    Price: $5.39

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    Product Descriptions

    Whitefish Rig
    Whitefish Rig

    Whitefish Rig

    • Price $5.39
    • Out Performs Jigs and Spoons
    • Available with a Chartreuse or White Jig

    • Hand tied with Fluorocarbon Line
    • Use with Grubs, Minnows or Gulp Alive
    • Works great for Perch
    • A Variation of a Drop Shot Rig
    • Mustad Hooks
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    Designed specifically for Whitefish, this unique double rig entices both bottom and suspended feeding fish at the same time. The rig features both the popular Odd'ball and Slo-Poke Jigs in a unique fashion that allows soft mouthed Whitefish to more easily inhale the bait.

    The rig features Brite Nickle wieght with a Chartreuse or White jig, Whitefish prefer, and invisible Fluorocarbon line. The bottom ¼ oz jig has a #10 treble stinger, upper jig has a #6 hook. The rig can be tipped with wax worms, Gulp Alive bait, or live crappie minnows. Tip the treble hook with a minnow head or Gulp Alive minnow head piece. This will suspend the treble just above the bottom. Use waxes or spikes on the Slo-Poke jig.

    The best presentation is to vertical jig 12" to 15" once or twice just off bottom, then hold the rod steady while jiggling the rod tip.


    Whitefish can be very light biters. When fishing this rig or any other vertical method, the rod must be held in your hand at all times, with a "Jig, Pause and Lift" technique, in order to detect light biting fish. Often times you never feel the bite at all, but rather just the weight of the fish holding the bait in its mouth on the "Lift". When this occurs simple complete the lifting motion to set the hook. Pro Staff reports that most fish are caught on the "lift" and they actually never felt a strike.

    Note: This rig is equivalent to using 2 rods with single hooks.

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