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T-Boned Unhinged Crankbait 4"
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    T-Boned Unhinged Crankbait 4"

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    • Price: $6.99
    • 4" Body Length - Weight .375 oz.
    • Sinking, Jointed with Rattles
    • #4 Hooks
    • Dive Depth 12 to 14'

    T-Boned Unhinged Series Crankbait – Ready to make some noise? Unhinged, Bait Rigs NEW! Jointed Crankbait will gain the attention any fish that swims. This all-purpose crankbait creates a ton of erratic side to side action with a ton of wobble, sending noise and vibrations though the water that will drive fish crazy.

    The < strong>Unhinged has internal rattles and the jointed tail produces tons of vibration and flash to attract fish. Living up to the Bait Rigs name, of baits that simply CATCH FISH! The crazy movements look incredibly natural in the water, resembling a fleeing baitfish that has gone completely Unhinged!

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