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Ultra Light Quick Snap Leaders  2 each
    Close Ultra Light Quick Snap Leaders  2 each

    Ultra Light Quick Snap Leaders 2 each

    Price: $4.61

    Code: ULQS

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    Product Descriptions

    • Ultra Light Quick Snap Leaders available 8 in. or 12 in. lengths
    • Price $4.61 for 2 each

    Unique, strong, 18# ultra-light 7-strand wire leaders will prevent pike bite-offs while actually enhancing the action of light balsa and plastic minnow baits. MustadĀ® Quick Snap eliminates the need for retying. Great leaders for light crankbaits, jigs and spoons. 8" Length for Jigs and 12" Length for RapalasĀ® and Plastic Crankbaits


    • Prevents pike bite offs.
    • Enhances bait action with swivel loop quick snap.
    • Eliminates retying baits.
    • Designed for light minnow baits, jigs and spoons.
    • Strong low visability 18# bronze 7-strand camo wire and hardware.

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