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Pick 4 Colors - $19.16 a $25 value + Free Gift Box

T-Boned Shad Crankbait Gift Box
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    Pick 4 Colors

    T-Boned Shad Series Crankbait

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    • Price: $19.16 a $25 value + Free Gift Box
    • 2.75" Body Length - Weight .29 oz 
    • Suspending
    • #4 Hooks
    • Loud Rattles
    • Max Dive Depth 12'

    T-Boned Shad Series Crankbait - T-Boned Shad are designed with a brilliant finishes that reflect light and attract gamefish even in murky water. These lures have a tight, wiggling action to create a realistic appearance. Whether using a twitch-stop-go or a steady retrieve, The Shad will dart and dive, right in the strike zone, effective and deadly.  

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