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Now in 4 New Colors

T-Boned Minnow Series Crankbait
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    Now in 4 New Colors

    T-Boned Minnow Series Crankbait

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    • Price: $6.29
    • 3.2" Body Length - Weight .35 oz
    • Oversized Eyes
    • Floating
    • #4 Hooks
    • Max Dive Depth 4'

    T-Boned Minnow Series Crankbait - The Minnow series are designed with a brilliant finishes that reflects light and attract gamefish even in any water. These lures feature oversized glass eyes and a tight, wiggling action to create a realistic appearance. Whether using a twitch-stop-go or a steady retrieve, The Minnow is a floating crank so it can be used for twitching on the surface, steady retrieve, or jerk retrieve that will dart and dive, right in the strike zone, effective and deadly. 

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    I can’t believe how many different kinds of fish of fish I catch with this crankbait, I love it!