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Slow Death Rig 3 Pack
    Close Slow Death Rig 3 Pack

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    Out of Stock

    Slow Death Rig

    • Price 3-Pack = $4.94
    • Featuring #2 Red Mustad® Slow Death Hooks
    • Unique Corkscrew Action
    • Use with worms or Berkley® Gulp™ Crawlers
    • Excels in structure and tight spots
    • 36” Length Rig, 8# Berkley® Fluorocarbon
    • Great for Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Catfish & Panfish
    • Instructions & Diagrams Included.
    Mustad® Slow Death Hook
    Slow Death Hooks
    Front View
    Side View
    Unique Bend induces a spinning,
    corkscrew, irresistible action

    The Slow Death Rig is a high action, slow bottom-bouncer presentation that can be fished in structured areas that are generally unfishable with traditional spinner rigs.

    Slow Death Rigs are ideal for fishing "the spot-on the spot" that can hold fish in secluded areas. The unique corkscrew rotating action is irresistible when used with live worms or Berkley® Powerbait or Berkley Gulp™ crawlers.

    Slow Death Rigs are excellent for Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Catfish and Panfish.


    Tie on a bottom-bouncer sinker to your main line.  Rule-of-thumb is 1 oz of lead for every 10 feet of water.  Snap on a Slow Death Rig to the swivel end of the bottom-bouncer.  Thread half a night crawler all the way up the hook shank, over the hook eye, leaving approximately 1/2" of crawler dangling off the end of the hook.

    Death Rig with Bottom Bouncer
    Slow Death Rig with Bottombouncer

    Using a trolling motor, keep speeds at 1 mph or less, depending on wind or current. The Key to success with the Slow Death Rig is to maintain "just enough" speed to keep the crawler spinning. The spinning, corkscrew action is what triggers strikes. Drifting patterns can also be effective over structure or in open water on suspended fish.

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