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Bass GrubMaster Jig Kit
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    Bass GrubMaster Jig Kit TM is a compact, complete kit is perfect for the avid Bass Angler, featuring a unique new approach to fishing with jigs and plastics. Kit contains patented Bass GrubMaster Jig heads and popular Kalin Grub tails in the hottest colors and sizes.  Instructions and diagrams on rigging are included. Super kit for both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. Information and contents are combined in a compact Plano box.

    Bass GrubMaster Jig Kit TM Create-A-Bait Concept Colors

    • Special Price - $26.35 a $31.95 value
    • 44 Pieces with a Plano Box
    • Designed to Fit Inside Grubs, Tubes & Spiders
    • Ideal For Light Line & Finesse Presentations
    • Horizontal Slow Fall Swimming Action
    • Create Your Own Custom Colors
    • More Control & Feel Than Carolina Rigs
    • Excels in Weeds, Wood & Rocks
    • Excellent of Saltwater Snook, Pompano and Sea Trout
    • Swimer head, snag resistant design is excellent for Sand Grass Fishing
    • VMC® 4/0 Wide Gap Performance Hook
    • Read The Grubmaster article by Gary Nault
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

    Grubmaster Testimonials

    FEATURES: The 12 Slo-Poke GrubMaster Jigs in 1/16, 1/8 &1/4 oz sizes. Excellent horizontal slow fall, swimming action, weight centered design. The GrubMaster Jig sinks horizontally, in a natural orientation, not head first like conventional lead head jigs. The GrubMaster is an "insert jig" it fits snugly inside the 30 Kalin Hologram 3" & 5" grubs.

    When the Slo-Pok Jig is inside the grub it enhances the grub colors. Jig colors shine through grub bodies creating interesting baitfish patterns. The Grubmaster is designed to enhance the color of plastics with Create-A-BaitTM. The Create-A-Bait concept is an exciting new look in jig and grub color combinations. The placement of a uniquely colored GrubMaster, inside a transparent plastic body, allows the jighead to shine through and provide background color. This phenomenon, Create-A-Bait, can either subtly enhance or completely transform the color of plastics. Color combinations are limited only to the imagination.

    Now the innovative angler can match the hatch by creating a limitless number of custom color patterns by simply mixing and matching jigheads and plastic tails. A Create-A-Bait Color Chart has been developed to illustrate a variety of basic baitfish patterns that can be created by mixing and matching Grub and jighead colors The Create-A-Bait Color Chart is available FREE inside all GrubMaster kits.

    All jigs feature VMC® Performance 4/0 hooks. A total of 44 pieces, a $28 value if purchased separately.

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