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Panfish Cobra Jig Ice Kit
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    Panfish Cobra Jig Ice Kit

    • Price - 34.60 a 42.00 Value
    • 37 piece kit, featuring the Panfish Cobra Jig in 3 sizes
    • Sizes, #20, #14 & #12 with Kahle Style, Offset Big Gap Hook - Little Jig, Big-Bite
    • Approximate weights, small to large: #20 = 1/80 oz., #14 = 1/60 oz., #12 = 1/50 oz.
    • Recommended by In-Fisherman Magazine
    • Unique, Self-Hooking Circle Action
    • Hooks and Holds on Light Bites, Fish Can't Spit the Hook
    • Perfect for Spikes, Small Grubs, and Micro Plastics
    • Excellent Ice Fishing Jig
    • WARNING: California‚Äôs Proposition 65
    Cobra Jig Sizes Spike & Wiggle Tail RiggingSpike Style Rigging
    #22 Jig Mighty Mouse #14 Jig #12 Jig
    #20 Mighty
    #14 #12
    Combo Spike and Wiggle Tail Rigging Spike Style Rigging with Maggot
    14.5 inch Perch
    14.5 inch Perch Caught on The Bait Rigs Panfish Cobra Jig

    14.5" Perch caught through the Ice on the Bait Rigs Panfish Cobra Jig by John Stutz. John tipped the jig with a plastic spike.

    The SS-52 Panfish Cobra Ice Kit is the perfect assortment of Cobra jigs throughout the ice fishing season. The kit features the new tiny #20 "Mighty Mouse" Cobra, along with sizes #14 and #12 for Bluegills, Crappies and Perch. All Cobra's feature a unique offset Mustad, Kahle style hook that has no equal it its ability to hook and hold even the lightest biting fish.

    Quote from Jeff Simpson for In-Fisherman.
    "I used Bait Rigs Panfish Cobra Jig last season and rarely missed due to the Mustad offset hook featured on the jig-one of the Best for consistently hooking fish."

    Quote from Mark Romanack with Fishing 411.
    "As winter drags on bluegill get tougher and tougher to catch. Think small as fish are cold and prefer smaller offerings. I use a #20 Panfish Cobra tipped with one or two spikes rigged "kabob" style. This presentation is both small and compact, forcing light biting Gills to move up on the bait, resulting in better hookups."

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