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Out of Stock – Discontinued

Walleye Pike  Canada Rigging Kit
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    Out of Stock – Discontinued

    Walleye Pike Canada Rigging Kit

    Everything you need for that trip to Canada or the Boundary Waters. This compact, complete rigging system is designed specifically for vacationers, fly-ins and campers. Ideal rigging system for Walleyes, Pike and Smallmouth. Can be used with either live bait or plastics. Includes complete step-by-step Information and Diagrams

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    • Designed for Canada and the Boundary Waters
    • Perfect for Vacationers, Fly-ins, Campers and Back Packers
    • Walleyes, Pike, Smallmouth and Trout
    • Productive Technique for Both Locating and Catching fish
    • Complete step-by-step Information and Diagrams
    • Ideal for Spring, Summer and Fall
    • Super on Weed Edges and in Rock Structure
    • 31 Piece Kit with Compact 12 Capacity Tackle Tamer Rig Holder
    • 12 each #2 Colorado Blades - 12 Double Hook Rigs
    • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
    Ready for Action - all 12 Rigs Wrapped on the Tamer
    Large Tackle Tamer


    The perfect Rigging kit for vacationers, fly-in trips and campers in Canada and the Boundary Waters. Bottom Bouncers with spinner live bait combinations are far and away the most productive rigging method in Canada and are preferred by top guides and Professionals. Complete instructions provide step-by-step procedures and tips for this productive technique for both locating and catching Walleyes, Pike, Smallmouth and Trout.  The All Canada Rigging Kit contains a variety of Bottom bouncer weights and live bait spinner rigs and is ideal for Spring, Summer and Fall fishing. The 31-piece kit comes with a 12 capacity Tackle Tamer rig holder and complete instructions.

    2 Types of Rig Combinations with Bottom Bouncers
    2 Types of Bottom Bouncers Rig Combinations

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