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Tandem Quickset Rigs
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    Product Descriptions

    Tandem Quickset® Rigs Price $4.61 each

    • Quick Strike Design.
    • Adjustable to Bait Size
    • Live Bait, Dead Bait or Cut Bait Rig
    • 24" Length
    • 40#, Low Visibility 7- Strand Wire
    • Complete 24" rigs in 1/0, #2 and #4 sizes.
  • Featured in The In-Fisherman Magazine

    In-Fisherman considers Tandem Quickset® Rigs to be one of the finest catch & release live bait rigs available.

    Tandem Quickset rigs allow bait fish to swim naturally and can be used for both live and dead bait fishing. Extremely versatile, these rigs provide super hook sets and work well for open water and ice fishing, fresh or salt water.

    The forward hook adjusts to compensate for bait size. The smaller hook is used for bait attachment leaving the larger hook completely open for hook setting. Features VMC® high carbon, extra strong steel hooks, the world's finest handmade hooks. Each rig has 24 in. of 7-strand low visibility wire and matching Barrel swivel. See chart below for individual rig specifications and recommended sizes.


    • Excellent Quickset Rig for ice tip-ups and floats, aids catch and release.
    • Use with live or dead bait, (smelt, suckers) for pike, lake trout & muskie.
    • Add a spinner for drifting and trolling
    • The size of the bait used is the determineing factor in choosing the correct size rig
    • See size suggestion chart for choosing the correct rig size
  • Rig Size Suggestion Chart
    Hook Size  Bait Size  Wire Test
    1/0 up to 12" 40 LBS
    # 2 9 in. to 12 in. 40 LBS
    # 4 7 in. to 9 in. 40 LBS
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