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Single Strand Jerk Leader  3 each
    Close Single Strand Jerk Leader  3 each

    Single Strand Jerk Leader 3 each

    Price: $13.19

    Code: QL-106

    Product Descriptions

    Heavy Duty Single Strand Jerk Leader

    • Price $13.19 for 3 each Leaders
    • Better tracking with straight line design
    • Heavy-duty 90# solid strand wire and Stay LokTM Snap
    • 12 in. Length

    All New Muskie ProofTM Leaders, Save Fish and Baits

    You need a dedicated jerkbait and walk-the-dog leader. A heavy duty, stiff, straight, single strand leader is necessary to help the lure track better and eliminate fowling or riding ahead and getting caught in your main line. Most companies are only using 120#-140# solid wire. That's just not stiff enough, it will bow and bend. We offer 190# solid wire in a 12" length. It's difficult to manufacture, but it does the job. You also don't want a leader that wobbles and rotates, taking away from the action of the bait, so tie direct and use no swivels with your jerkbait leader.

    Stay-Loc Snaps:

    All Muskie Proof Leaders feature the Stay-Loc snap. They simply don't open up in use or from a struggling fish. In the past we used cross lock snaps but had them fail. Coast lock style snaps can be difficult to manipulate and their closure is only as good as the spring tention in the wire, which can vary dramatically in the metalurgy and heat treatment process. The beauty of the Stay Loc design, is that it uses a mechanical advantage for secure closure, not just spring tension. The open and closing motion of the Stay-Loc is a bit different, but once accomplished, is more user-friendly.

    New Stay-Lok Snap Stay-Lok Snaps Stay-Lok Snap Clip

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