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Barrel 7 Strand 12 in. Leader 3 each
    Close Barrel 7 Strand 12 in. Leader 3 each

    Barrel 7 Strand 12 in. Leader 3 each

    Price: $14.84

    Code: QL-104

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    Barrel 7 Strand 12 in. Leader

    • Price $14.84 for 3 each Leaders

    Muskie ProofTM Leaders, Save Fish and Baits

    General-purpose 7-strand leader utilizes quality wire, eliminating kinks and frays that lead to breakage in other standard leaders. Features 12 in. length (prevents gill cover cut offs) 7 strand 60# wire and Stay-LokTM snap with 150# Rosco® Barrel Swivel.

    Muskie Proof leaders are hand-tied and pull tested by skilled craftsman. The elimination of crimps is especially critical on wire casting leaders. All Muskie Proof leaders are hand tied and that means no crimps and therefore no weak points in the length of the leader material. Crimps are particularly bad on heavy duty casting leaders. They create a weak point at the junction, where the crimp sleeve meets the wire. Here's an analogy, when you open a lid of tuna, the area where it pinches (and is not open) is like a crimp sleeve junction point on the wire. You can move it back and forth, like the flexing movement of a casting leader, and eventually it will weaken or break. Additionally, one can easily over crimp and squash the line which will make it weaker, or, under crimp, which will cause the wire to slip through the crimp sleeve.

    Stay-Loc Snaps:

    All Muskie Proof Leaders feature the Stay-Loc snap. They simply don't open up in use or from a struggling fish. In the past we used cross lock snaps but had them fail. Coast lock style snaps can be difficult to manipulate and their closure is only as good as the spring tensions in the wire, which can vary dramatically in the metallurgy and heat treatment process. The beauty of the Stay Loc design, is that it uses a mechanical advantage for secure closure, not just spring tension. The open and closing motion of the Stay-Loc is a bit different, but once accomplished, is more user-friendly.

    New Stay-Lok Snap Stay-Lok Snaps Stay-Lok Snap Clip

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